Spain. Multimedia Richness and Variety of Business Models
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Materias Investigacion::Comunicación::Periodismo, comunicación de masas, medios de comunicación y edición.
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Het Spinhuis, Amsterdam (Holanda)
Salaverría, R.; Díaz Noci, J.; López, X.; Palomo, M.B. (2005) ""Spain. Multimedia Richness and Variety of Business Models"". En: Van der Wurff, R.; Lauf, E. (eds.) Print and Online Newspapers in Europe. A Comparative Analysis in 16 Countries. Amsterdam: Het Spinhuis, pp. 231-243.
'El País', 'El Mundo' and 'La Vanguardia' are three of the most important newspapers in Spain. They are national leaders in the print as well as the online market for general information paid-for newspapers. Judging from the front pages of these newspapers on 8 October 2003, all of them update frequently the news on the Web, and at the same time, keep a close reference between their print and online content. All three online newspapers also paid special attention to hypertextual, interactive and multimedia content in 2003, and increasingly do so since. This might be considered one distinctive feature of the Spanish online press. Another peculiarity of the main Spanish online newspapers has been the coexistence of very different business models, from totally free to full payment models, even though these newspapers have very similar news offers.

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