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On the parameters influencing the deposition of polystyrene colloidal crystals
Authors: Yoldi, M. (María)
Arcos, M.C. (M. Cristina)
Paulke, B. (B.)
Sirera, R. (Rafael)
González-Viñas, W. (Wenceslao)
Görnitz, E. (E.)
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher version:
Citation: M. Yoldi & M.C. Arcos & B.-R. Paulke & R. Sirera & W. González-Viñas & E. Görnitz. [2008] 'On the parameters influencing the deposition of polystyrene colloidal crystals' Mat. Sci. Eng. C - Biomim. 28, 1038-1043
Colloidal crystals of polystyrene particles of 1.0, 1.4 and 2.8 μm diameter have been prepared by vertical deposition. The influence of parameters such as temperature, particle size and concentration as well as dispersion medium has been studied. The size of domain and the crystalline structure of the particle arrays have been analyzed by optical microscopy. The quality of the crystals has been improved (minimizing cracks) by controlling sedimentation (density matching), evaporation (volatility of the medium) and drying (co-solvents).
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DA - Ciencias - Física - Artículos de Revista

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