Analysing the Twitter accounts of licensed Sports gambling operators in Spain: a space for responsible gambling?
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Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Navarra
Hernández-Ruiz, A. (Alejandra); Gutiérrez, Y. (Yoan). "Analysing the Twitter accounts of licensed Sports gambling operators in Spain: a space for responsible gambling?". Communication & Society. 34 (4), 2021, 65 - 79
Apart from the economic impact of the online gambling industry, the social, public order and health-related consequences of the industry merit analysis to inform appropriate action, regulatory or otherwise. The omnipresence of ICTs, the inability to use technologies properly, along with the growth of online gambling channels, have acted simultaneously as a catalyst for the spread of pathological and problematic gambling. In this context, social networks have become a highly effective platform to instil positive attitudes towards the products of gambling operators. This work uses the Natural Language Processing based web application “GPLSI Social Analytics” to track, in real time, the conversations generated on Twitter about the Spanish domain accounts of the main online sports gambling operators. The findings indicate that most of the messages about these operators are positive and surprise is the predominant emotion associated with them. The notion of responsible online gambling barely receives a mention in the conversations analysed. Given the role of new technologies as access facilitators and potential enhancers of addictive behaviours, it is necessary to adopt measures directed at social networks that guarantee the coexistence of the right to freedom of expression with the protection of the most vulnerable populations.

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