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New trends in content and design at the Spanish cybermedia
Authors: Díaz-Noci, J. (Javier)
Gago-Mariño, M. (Manuel)
López, X. (Xosé)
Meso-Ayerdi, K. (Koldobica)
Pereira, X. (Xosé)
Salaverría, R. (Ramón)
Keywords: Materias Investigacion::Comunicación::Periodismo, comunicación de masas, medios de comunicación y edición.
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher version: Díaz Noci, Javier; Gago, Manuel; López, Xosé; Meso, Koldo; Pereira, Xosé; Salaverría, Ramón (2004). "New trends in content and design at the Spanish cybermedia". En: SALAVERRÍA, Ramón & Charo SÁDABA (eds.) (2003). Towards New Media Paradigms: Content, Producers, Organisations and Audiences. Pamplona: Eunate, p. 47-62.
ISBN: 84-7768-150-3
In the last years, the cybermedia and the Internet itself have marked as medium and support of communication. Nevertheless, constant technologic evolution, the training of the newsroom people and the absence of a clear definition of the business model make continuous modifications in the final structure of the new media environment. This communication focuses in four important aspects: the hypertext –as a basis and essence of the Internet and the cybermedia as well–, the information architecture –as a managing system for big amounts of content–, the journalistic genres –as the main expression of the journalistic work–, and the design –the final layout of the product and, at the same time, the content access interface–. All these issues are continuously subjected to changes. In this paper, starting from the four axis mentioned before, we present an overview of the evolution of cybermedia in Spain and we suggest a perspective about the current situation of the sector.
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