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Sinking of light intruders in a shaken granular bed
Authors: Iván, S. (Sánchez)
Gustavo, G. (Gutierrez)
Zuriguel, I. (Iker)
Maza, D. (Diego)
Issue Date: 23-Jun-2010
We present an experimental study of the displacement of a light intruder immersed in a vibrated granular bed. Using high speed video we resolve the motion, during one cycle of oscillation, of a cylindrical object inside a Plexiglas box partially filled with grains. We report experimental evidence that, in the absence of convection, at least two forces are behind the intruder’s motion: an air drag force—due to the airflow through the granular bed—and a buoyancy force produced by an air-mediated granular fluid.
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