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26-Apr-2017Current animal models of Alzheimer’s disease: challenges in translational researchArticuloCuadrado-Tejedor, M. (Mar); Garcia-Osta, A. (Ana)
26-Apr-2017Barrel pattern formation requires serotonin uptake by thalamocortical afferents, and not vesicular monoamine releaseArticuloPersico, A. M. (Antonio M.); Mengual, E. (Elisa); Moessner, R. (Rainald); Hall, S. F. (Scott F.); Revay, R. S. (Randal S.); Sora, I. (Ichiro); Arellano, J. (Jon); De-Felipe, J. (Javier); Gimenez-Amaya, J.M. (José Manuel); Conciatori, M. (Monica); Marino, R. (Ramona); Baldi, A. (Alfonso); Cabib, S. (Simona); Pascucci, T. (Tiziana); Uhl, G. R. (George R.); Murphy, D. L. (Dennis L.); Lesch, K. P. (K. Peter); Keller, F. (Flavio)
5-Oct-2012Defining the mechanism of action of 4-phenylbutyrate to develop a small-molecule-based therapy for Alzheimer's disease.ArticuloCuadrado-Tejedor, M. (Mar); Garcia-Osta, A. (Ana); Ricobaraza, A. (Ana); Oyarzabal, J. (J.); Franco, R. (Rafael)
10-Jul-2012Estudio de la actividad cortical auditiva mediante SPECT cerebral: validacion del metodo y aplicacion en la hipoacusia profunda bilateralArticuloArbizu, J. (J.); Insausti, R. (R.); Marti, J.M. (J.M.); Manrique, M. (Manuel); Richter, J.A. (José Ángel)
4-Jul-2012Past, present and future of A(2A) adenosine receptor antagonists in the therapy of Parkinson's disease.ents. Correlates with Alzheimer diseaseArticuloArmentero, M.T. (Marie Therese); Pinna, A. (Annalisa); Ferre, S. (Sergi); Lanciego, J.L. (José Luis); Müller, C.E. (Christa E.); Franco, R. (Rafael)
4-Jul-2012Sildenafil restores cognitive function without affecting β-amyloid burden in a mouse model of Alzheimer's diseaseArticuloGarcia-Osta, A. (Ana); Aguirre, N. (Norberto); Franco, R. (Rafael); Garcia-Barroso, C. (C.); Perez-Roldan, J.M. (J.M.); Puerta, E. (Elena); Ricobaraza, A. (Ana); Hervias, I. (Isabel); Cuadrado-Tejedor, M. (Mar)
27-Jun-2012Cortical hypoperfusion in Parkinson's disease assessed using arterial spin labeled perfusion MRIArticuloFernandez-Seara, M.A. (María A.); Mengual, E. (Elisa); Vidorreta, M. (Marta); Aznárez-Sanado, M. (Maite); Loayza, F.R. (Francis R.); Villagra, F. (Federico); Irigoyen, J. (Jaione); Pastor, M.A. (María A.)
27-Jun-2012Chronic mild stress accelerates the onset and progression of the Alzheimer's disease phenotype in tg2576 miceArticuloCuadrado-Tejedor, M. (Mar); Ricobaraza, A. (Ana); Frechilla, D. (Diana); Franco, R. (Rafael); Perez-Mediavilla, L.A. (Luis Alberto); Garcia-Osta, A. (Ana)
20-Jun-2012The basal ganglia and thalamus of the long-tailed macaque in stereotaxic coordinates. A template atlas based on coronal, sagittal and horizontal brain sectionsArticuloLanciego, J.L. (José Luis); Vazquez, A. (Alfonso)
11-Jan-2011Effects on resting cerebral blood flow and functional connectivity induced by metoclopramide: a perfusion MRI study in healthy volunteersArticuloFernandez-Seara, M.A. (María A.); Aznárez-Sanado, M. (Maite); Mengual, E. (Elisa); Irigoyen, J. (Jaione); Heukamp, F. (F.); Pastor, M.A. (María A.)
13-Oct-2010The cellular prion protein and its role in Alzheimer diseaseArticuloVelayos, J.L. (José Luis); Irujo, A. (A.); Cuadrado-Tejedor, M. (Mar); Paternain, B. (B.); Moleres, F.J. (Francisco J.); Ferrer, V. (Vicente)
4-Oct-2010Early Changes in Hippocampal Eph Receptors Precede the Onset of Memory Decline in Mouse Models of Alzheimer’s DiseaseArticuloSimon, A.M. (Ana María); Lopez-de-Maturana, R. (Raquel); Ricobaraza, A. (Ana); Escribano, L. (L.); Schiapparelli, L. (Lucio); Cuadrado-Tejedor, M. (Mar); Perez-Mediavilla, L.A. (Luis Alberto); Avila, J. (Jesús); Rio, J. (Joaquín) del; Frechilla, D. (Diana)
4-Oct-2010Axonal branching patterns of nucleus accumbens neurons in the ratArticuloTripathi, A. (Anushree); Prensa, L. (Lucía); Cebrian, C. (Carolina); Mengual, E. (Elisa)
27-Sep-2010Continuous performance of a novel motor sequence leads to highly correlated striatal and hippocampal perfusion increasesArticuloFernandez-Seara, M.A. (María A.); Aznárez-Sanado, M. (Maite); Mengual, E. (Elisa); Loayza, F.R. (Francis R.); Pastor, M.A. (María A.)
27-Sep-2010Two-color fluorescence labeling in acrolein-fixed brain tissueArticuloLuquin, E. (Esther); Perez-Lorenzo, E. (Eva); Aymerich-Soler, M. S. (María S.); Mengual, E. (Elisa)
23-Sep-2010Rosiglitazone Rescues Memory Impairment in Alzheimer's Transgenic Mice: Mechanisms Involving a Reduced Amyloid and Tau PathologyArticuloEscribano, L. (L.); Simon, A.M. (Ana María); Gimeno, E. (E.); Cuadrado-Tejedor, M. (Mar); Lopez-de-Maturana, R. (Raquel); Garcia-Osta, A. (Ana); Ricobaraza, A. (Ana); Perez-Mediavilla, L.A. (Luis Alberto); Rio, J. (Joaquín) del; Frechilla, D. (Diana)
23-Sep-2010La proteína priónica celular en el sistema nervioso central de mamíferos. Correlatos anatomoclínicosArticuloVelayos, J.L. (José Luis); Irujo, A. (A.); Cuadrado-Tejedor, M. (Mar); Paternain, B. (B.); Ferrer, V. (Vicente); Moleres, F.J. (Francisco J.)
23-Sep-2010Sildenafil protects against 3-nitropropionic acid neurotoxicity through the modulation of calpain, CREB and BDNFArticuloPuerta, E. (Elena); Hervias, I. (Isabel); Barros-Miñones, L. (Lucía); Jordan, J. (Joaquín); Ricobaraza, A. (Ana); Cuadrado-Tejedor, M. (Mar); Garcia-Osta, A. (Ana); Aguirre, N. (Norberto)
14-Sep-2010Abnormal alpha-synuclein interactions with Rab proteins in alpha-synuclein A30P transgenic miceArticuloDalfo, E. (Esther); Rosa, J.L. (J.L.); Cuadrado-Tejedor, M. (Mar); Ambrosio, S. (S.)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19