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2020Interactional effects of climate change factors on the water status, photosynthetic rate, and metabolic regulation in peachArticuloJiménez, S. (Sergio); Fattahi, M. (Masoud); Bedis, K. (Khaoula), et al
2020Dissimilar esponses of ancient grapevines recovered in Navarra (Spain) to arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in terms of berry qualityArticuloAntolin-Bellver, M.C. (M. Carmen); Izurdiaga, D. (David); Urmeneta, L. (Leyre), et al
2011El viaje de Winkle. Educación de la complejidad de medio ambiente para jóvenes de 12-13 añosArticuloEcharri-Iribarren, F. (Fernando)
2010Los programas de escuela taller. Una aproximación conceptual al modelo educativo del aprendizaje-servicioArticuloEcharri-Iribarren, F. (Fernando)
1988El género Prozercon Sellnick, 1943 en la Península Ibérica y descripción de tres nuevas especies (Acari, Mesostigmata, Zerconidae)ArticuloMoraza-Zorrilla, M. L. (Maria Lourdes)
1984Rhabdoweisia crenulata (Mitt.) Jameson, novedad para la flora briológica españolaArticuloEderra, A. (Alicia)
2009Response of mycorrhizal grapevine to Armillaria mellea inoculation: disease development and polyamines.ArticuloNogales, A. (Amaia); Aguirreolea, J. (Jone); Santa-Maria, E. (Eva), et al
2009Elevated CO2 and water availability effect on gas exchange and nodule development in N2-fixing alfalfa plantsArticuloAranjuelo, I. (Iker); Irigoyen, J.J. (Juan Jose); Nogues, S. (Salvador), et al
2009Growth, yield and physiology of Verticillium-inoculated pepper plants treated with ATAD and composted sewage sludgeArticuloPascual-Elizalde, I. (Inmaculada); Azcona, I. (Iñaki); Morales, F. (Fermin), et al
2010Biomass partitioning, morphology and water status of four alfalfa genotypes submitted to progressive drought and subsequent recoveryArticuloErice, G. (Gorka); Louahlia, S. (Saïd); Irigoyen, J.J. (Juan Jose), et al
2010Sewage sludge application can induce changes in antioxidant status of nodulated alfalfa plantsArticuloAntolin-Bellver, M.C. (M. Carmen); Muro, I. (Iara); Sanchez-Diaz, M. (Manuel)
2010Detecting water stress effects on fruit quality in orchards with time-series PRI airborne imageryArticuloSuarez, L. (L.); Zarco-Tejada, P.J. (P.J.); Gonzalez-Dugo, V. (V.), et al
2010Photosynthetic response of pepper plants to wilt induced by Verticillium dahliae and soil water deficit.ArticuloPascual-Elizalde, I. (Inmaculada); Azcona, I. (Iñaki); Morales, F. (Fermin), et al
2010Growth, yield, and fruit quality of pepper plants amended with two sanitized sewage sludges.ArticuloPascual-Elizalde, I. (Inmaculada); Azcona, I. (Iñaki); Aguirreolea, J. (Jone), et al
2010Seasonal dynamics of the physicochemical and biological properties of soils in naturally regenerating, unmanaged and clear-cut beech stands in northern Spain.ArticuloClosa, I. (Iván); Goicoechea-Preboste, N. (Nieves)
2010Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) as bioprotector agents against wilt induced by Verticillium spp. in pepper.ArticuloGoicoechea-Preboste, N. (Nieves); Garmendia, I. (Idoia); Sanchez-Diaz, M. (Manuel), et al
2010Relationship between photosynthetic capacity, nitrogen assimilation and nodule metabolism in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) grown with sewage sludge.ArticuloAntolin-Bellver, M.C. (M. Carmen); Fiasconaro, M.L. (M. Laura); Sanchez-Diaz, M. (Manuel)
2010Photosynthetic down-regulation under elevated CO2 exposure can be prevented by nitrogen supply in nodulated alfalfaArticuloSanz-Saez, A. (Álvaro); Erice, G. (Gorka); Aranjuelo, I. (Iker), et al
2010Effects of climate change scenarios on Tempranillo grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) ripening: response to a combination of elevated CO2 and temperature, and moderate drought.ArticuloSalazar-Parra, C. (Carolina); Aguirreolea, J. (Jone); Sanchez-Diaz, M. (Manuel), et al
2010Microclimatic conditions determined by stem density influence leaf anatomy and leaf physiology of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) growing within stands that naturally regenerate from clear-cutting.ArticuloClosa, I. (Iván); Irigoyen, J.J. (Juan Jose); Goicoechea-Preboste, N. (Nieves)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 29