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26-Mar-2024Effectiveness of educational programs for clinical competence in family nursing: A systematic reviewArticuloGutiérrez-Alemán, M.T. (María Teresa); Esandi, N. (Nuria); Pardavila-Belio, M.I. (Miren Idoia); Pueyo-Garrigues, M. (María); Canga-Armayor, N. (Navidad); Alfaro-Díaz, C. (Cristina); Canga-Armayor, A.D. (Ana Dolores)
26-Mar-2024Personal and contextual factors to the successful implementation of a family nursing approach in oncology careArticuloAlfaro-Díaz, C. (Cristina); Esandi, N. (Nuria); Canga-Armayor, N. (Navidad); Pardavila-Belio, M.I. (Miren Idoia); Pueyo-Garrigues, M. (María); Canga-Armayor, A.D. (Ana Dolores)
26-Mar-2024Development and validation of a new home cooking frequency questionnaire: A pilot studyArticuloGoñi-Mateos, L. (Leticia); Gil, M. (Mario); De-la-O-Pascual, V. (Víctor); Martinez-Gonzalez, M.A. (Miguel Ángel); Eisenberg, D.M. (David M.); Pueyo-Garrigues, M. (María); Vasilj, M. (María); Gayoso, L. (Lucía); Etxeberria, U. (Usune); Ruiz-Canela, M. (Miguel)
22-Mar-2024Psychometric evaluation of the spanish families importance in nursing care: nurses' attitudes scale through classical test theory and rasch analysisArticuloAlfaro-Díaz, C. (Cristina); Esandi, N. (Nuria); Pueyo-Garrigues, M. (María); Canga-Armayor, N. (Navidad); Forjaz, M.J. (Maria João); Rodríguez-Blazquez, C. (Carmen); Canga-Armayor, A.D. (Ana Dolores)
2-Feb-2024Are nursing interventions effective in improving quality of life in cancer survivors? A systematic reviewArticuloRodríguez-Matesanz, I. (Irati); Ambrosio, L. (Leire); Domingo-Oslé, M. (Marta); Elizondo-Rodríguez, N. (Nerea); La-Rosa-Salas, V. (Virginia); Garcia-Vivar, C. (Cristina)
12-Jan-2024The communication 360 in the intensive care units: Nurses’ challenges and opportunitiesArticuloVazquez-Calatayud, M. (Mónica); González-Luis, H. (Hildegart)
10-Jan-2024The significance of exploring conceptual equivalence within the process of the cross-cultural adaptation of tools: The case of the Patient's Perception of Feeling Known by their Nurses ScaleArticuloZaragoza-Salcedo, A. (Amparo); Oroviogoicoechea, C. (Cristina); Saracíbar-Razquin, M. (Maribel); Osacar, E. (Elena)
10-Jan-2024Educational Intervention for Family Nursing Students in Long-term Cancer Survivorship: A Randomized Pilot TrialArticuloDomingo-Oslé, M. (Marta); La-Rosa-Salas, V. (Virginia); Garcia-Vivar, C. (Cristina)
10-Jan-2024Role of the nurse in the design, delivery, monitoring and coordination of cancer survivorship care plans: An integrative reviewArticuloElizondo-Rodríguez, N. (Nerea); Ambrosio, L. (Leire); La-Rosa-Salas, V. (Virginia); Domingo-Oslé, M. (Marta); Garcia-Vivar, C. (Cristina)
10-Jan-2024Implementation and evaluation of a training programme to promote the development of professional competences in nursing: A pilot studyArticuloChoperena-Armendáriz, A. (Ana); Pardavila-Belio, M.I. (Miren Idoia); Errasti-Ibarrondo, M.B. (María Begoña); Oroviogoicoechea, C. (Cristina); Zaragoza-Salcedo, A. (Amparo); Goñi-Viguria, R. (Rosana); Martín-Pérez, S. (Sonsoles); Llácer, T. (Teresa); La-Rosa-Salas, V. (Virginia)
22-Dec-2023Intervenciones de musicoterapia en pacientes adultos hospitalizados con esquizofrenia. Una revisión crítica para la práctica enfermeraArticuloOlabe-Armendariz, M. (Mikel); González-Luis, H. (Hildegart); Vidaurreta, M. (Marta); Bermejo-Martins, E. (Elena)
22-Dec-2023La competencia comunicativa de las enfermeras: el pilar para alcanzar una narrativa propiaArticuloGonzález-Luis, H. (Hildegart)
21-Dec-2023Nurses' freedom of expression: Rights, obligations and responsibilitiesArticuloGonzález-Luis, H. (Hildegart); Azurmendi, A. (Ana); Santillan-Garcia, A. (Azucena); Tricas-Sauras, S. (Sandra)
16-Nov-2023The image of nursing in the media: A scoping reviewRevisionGonzález-Luis, H. (Hildegart); Errasti-Ibarrondo, M.B. (María Begoña); Iraizoz-Iraizoz, A. (Andrea); Choperena-Armendáriz, A. (Ana)
15-Nov-2023Social and emotional competence as key element to improve healthy lifestyles in children: Results from a randomized controlled trialArticuloBermejo-Martins, E. (Elena); Mujika, A. (Agurtzane); Iriarte, A. (Andrea); Lopez-Dicastillo, O. (Olga)
29-Sep-2023Peer-led alcohol intervention for college students: A pilot randomized controlled trialArticuloPueyo-Garrigues, S. (Sara); Pardavila-Belio, M.I. (Miren Idoia); Pueyo-Garrigues, M. (María); Canga-Armayor, N. (Navidad)
18-Apr-2023Co-design and validation of a family nursing educational intervention in long-term cancer survivorship using expert judgementArticuloDomingo-Oslé, M. (Marta); La-Rosa-Salas, V. (Virginia); Ulibarri-Ochoa, A. (Ainhoa); Doménech‑Climent, N. (Nuria); Arbea-Moreno, L. (Leire); Garcia-Vivar, C. (Cristina)
14-Apr-2023Training nursing students in motivational interviewing for alcohol misuse: a mixed method studyArticuloLavilla-Gracia, M. (María); Pueyo-Garrigues, M. (María); Fotopoulou, M. (M.); Canga-Armayor, A.D. (Ana Dolores); Esandi, N. (Nuria); Alfaro-Díaz, C. (Cristina); Canga-Armayor, N. (Navidad)
20-Mar-2023Deciding case by case on family presence in the emergency care serviceArticuloDa-Silva-Barreto, M. (Mayckel); Silva-Marcon, S. (Sonia); Garcia-Vivar, C. (Cristina); Ribeiro-Furlan, M.C. (Mara Cristina); Rissardo, L.K. (Leidyani Karina); Lourenço-Haddad, M. (Maria); Dupas, G. (Giselle); Misue-Matsuda, L. (Laura)
10-Feb-2023A forest bathing intervention in adults with intellectual disabilities: a feasibility study protocolArticuloBermejo-Martins, E. (Elena); Pueyo-Garrigues, M. (María); Casas-Jericó, M. (María); Bermejo, R. (Raúl); Villarroya-Ballarín, A. (Ana)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 56