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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
25-Apr-2014On the speculations about the causes of increased condom use in AfricaOtrosOsorio, A. (Alfonso); Carlos, S. (Silvia); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina)
4-Nov-2013Women's attitudes towards mechanisms of action of birth control methods: a cross-sectional study of five European countriesArticuloLopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); Merrigan, T. (Terrence); Osorio, A. (Alfonso); Errasti, T. (Tania); Irala, J. (Jokin) de
28-Oct-2013Observational research with adolescents: a framework for the management of the parental permissionArticuloRuiz-Canela, M. (Miguel); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); Carlos, S. (Silvia); Beltramo, C. (Carlos); Calatrava, M. (María); Osorio, A. (Alfonso); Osorio, A. (Alfonso); Irala, J. (Jokin) de
28-Oct-2013Informing Youth abouth the Age of Sexual Initiation using Means and PercentagesArticuloIrala, J. (Jokin) de; Osorio, A. (Alfonso); Ruiz-Canela, M. (Miguel); Carlos, S. (Silvia); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina)
15-Jun-2012Factores de riesgo relacionados con la salud sexual en los jóvenes europeosArticuloCalatrava, M. (María); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); Irala, J. (Jokin) de
5-Jun-2012Dietary patterns and difficulty conceiving: a nested case–control studyArticuloToledo, E. (Estefanía); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); Ruiz-Zambrana, Á. (Álvaro); Donazar, M. (Mikel); Navarro-Blasco, I. (Iñigo); Martinez-Gonzalez, M.A. (Miguel Ángel); Irala, J. (Jokin) de
5-Jun-2012Strategies in HIV prevention: the A-B-C approachArticuloAlonso, A. (Alvaro); Irala, J. (Jokin) de
5-Jun-2012Changes in sexual behaviours to prevent HIVArticuloIrala, J. (Jokin) de; Alonso, A. (Alvaro)
27-Feb-2012Familia, amigos y otras fuentes de información asociadas al inicio de las relaciones sexuales en adolescentes de El SalvadorArticuloRuiz-Canela, M. (Miguel); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); Carlos, S. (Silvia); Calatrava, M. (María); Osorio, A. (Alfonso); Irala, J. (Jokin) de
25-Jan-2012Intrauterine device and cervical cancer: we need more evidenceArticuloLopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); Osorio, A. (Alfonso); Irala, J. (Jokin) de
11-Nov-2011Women's attitudes towards mechanisms of action of family planning methods: survey in primary health centres in Pamplona, SpainArticuloIrala, J. (Jokin) de; Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); López-de-Fez, C.M. (Carmen M.); Blasco-Blanco, M. (Manuel); Mikolajczyk, R.T. (Rafael T.); Stanford, J.B. (Joseph B.)
11-Nov-2011Analysis of contents about sexuality and human reproduction in school textbooks in SpainArticuloIrala, J. (Jokin) de; Gómara, I. (Ignacio); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina)
21-Oct-2011First sexual intercourse and subsequent regret in three developing countriesArticuloOsorio, A. (Alfonso); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); Carlos, S. (Silvia); Ruiz-Canela, M. (Miguel); Delgado-Rodriguez, M. (Miguel); Irala, J. (Jokin) de
3-Oct-2011La educación sexual en los textos escolares españoles: evaluación de un texto alternativoArticuloGómara, I. (Ignacio); Reparaz-Abaitua, C. (Charo); Osorio, A. (Alfonso); Irala, J. (Jokin) de
3-Oct-2011Relationships, Love and Sexuality: What the Filipino Teens Think and FeelArticuloIrala, J. (Jokin) de; Osorio, A. (Alfonso); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); Belen, V.A. (Vina A.); Guzman, F.O. (Filipinas O.) de; Calatrava, M. (María); Torralba, A.N. (Antonio N.)
28-Sep-2011Knowledge and Beliefs about Mechanism of Action of Birth Control Methods among European WomenArticuloLopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); Mikolajczyk, R.T. (Rafael T.); Osorio, A. (Alfonso); Carlos, S. (Silvia); Errasti, T. (Tania); Irala, J. (Jokin) de
28-Sep-2011Choice of birth control methods among European women and the role of partners and providersArticuloLopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); Carlos, S. (Silvia); Osorio, A. (Alfonso); Irala, J. (Jokin) de
28-Sep-2011Mean age of first sex. Do they know what we mean?ArticuloIrala, J. (Jokin) de; Osorio, A. (Alfonso); Carlos, S. (Silvia); Ruiz-Canela, M. (Miguel); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina)
27-Sep-2011Spanish women’s attitudes towards post-fertilization effects of birth control methodsArticuloLopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); López-de-Fez, C.M. (Carmen M.); Osorio, A. (Alfonso); López-Guzmán, J. (José); Irala, J. (Jokin) de
27-Sep-2011Evaluación de los estilos educativos parentales en una muestra de estudiantes filipinos: implicaciones educativasArticuloOsorio, A. (Alfonso); Rivas-Borrell, S. (Sonia); Irala, J. (Jokin) de; Calatrava, M. (María); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 41