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12-Feb-2015Monoaminergic PET imaging and histopathological correlation in unilateral and bilateral 6-hydroxydopamine lesioned rat models of Parkinson's disease: a longitudinal in-vivo studyArticuloObeso, J.A. (José A.); Peñuelas-Sanchez, I. (Ivan); Marin, C. (Concepció), et al
Dec-2012Detectable clonal mosaicism and its relationship to aging and cancerArticuloJacobs, K.B. (Kevin B.); Yeager, M. (Meredith); Zhou, W. (Weiyin), et al
2000Características y valor de las aberraciones cromosómicas inducidas por los tratamientos antitumorales en pacientes pediátricos con cáncerArticuloLopez-de-la-Mesa, R. (R.); Sierrasesumaga, L. (Luis); Calasanz-Abinzano, M.J. (Maria Jose), et al
2011Statistical parametric maps of (18)F-FDG PET and 3-D autoradiography in the rat brain: a cross-validation studyArticuloPrieto-Azcárate, E. (Elena); Collantes, M. (María); Delgado, M. (Mercedes), et al
15-Feb-2006Simple automated system for simultaneous production of 11C-labeled tracers by solid supported methylationArticuloQuincoces, G. (Gemma); Peñuelas-Sanchez, I. (Ivan); Valero, M. (Marta), et al
200713N-Ammonia PET as a Measurement of Hindlimb Perfusion in a Mouse Model of Peripheral Artery Occlusive DiseaseArticuloPeñuelas-Sanchez, I. (Ivan); Aranguren, X.L. (Xabier L.); Abizanda, G. (Gloria), et al
200718F-FDG metabolism in a rat model of chronic infarction: a 17-sector semiquantitative analysisArticuloPeñuelas-Sanchez, I. (Ivan); Abizanda, G. (Gloria); Garcia-Velloso, M.J. (María José), et al
30-Jun-2008PET imaging of thymidine kinase gene expression in the liver of non-human primates following systemic delivery of an adenoviral vectorArticuloFontanellas, A. (Antonio); Hervas-Stubbs, S. (Sandra); Sampedro, A. (Ana), et al
2008Síntesis simplificada de 11C-(+)-α-dihidrotetrabenazina para su utilización como radioligando PET de los transportadores vesiculares de monoaminasArticuloQuincoces, G. (Gemma); Collantes, M. (María); Ecay, M. (Margarita), et al
2008Utilización de la 11C-(+)--Dihidrotetrabenazina para la evaluación de la inervación dopaminérgica en modelos animales de la enfermedad de ParkinsonArticuloCollantes, M. (María); Peñuelas-Sanchez, I. (Ivan); Alvarez-Erviti, L. (Lydia), et al
May-2008Transplantation of adipose derived stromal cells is associated with functional improvement in a rat model of chronic myocardial infarctionArticuloMazo, M. (Manuel); Planat-Benard, V. (Valérie); Abizanda, G. (Gloria), et al
23-Apr-2009New MRI, 18F-DOPA and 11C-(+)-alpha-dihydrotetrabenazine templates for Macaca fascicularis neuroimaging: advantages to improve PET quantificationArticuloCollantes, M. (María); Prieto-Azcárate, E. (Elena); Peñuelas-Sanchez, I. (Ivan), et al
Nov-2009Transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells exerts a greater long-term effect than bone marrow mononuclear cells in a chronic myocardial infarction model in ratArticuloMazo, M. (Manuel); Gavira, J.J. (Juan José); Abizanda, G. (Gloria), et al
16-Dec-2009Intensive pharmacological immunosuppression allows for repetitive liver gene transfer with recombinant adenovirus in nonhuman primatesArticuloFontanellas, A. (Antonio); Hervas-Stubbs, S. (Sandra); Mauleon, I. (Itsaso), et al
5-Mar-2010Progression of Dopaminergic Depletion in a Model of MPTP-Induced Parkinsonism in Non-Human Primates. An 18F-DOPA and 11C-DTBZ PET studyArticuloBlesa, J. (J.); Juri, C. (Carlos); Collantes, M. (María), et al
11-May-2010Antitumor and antiangiogenic effect of the dual EGFR and HER-2 tyrosine kinase inhibitor lapatinib in a lung cancer modelArticuloDiaz, R. (Ramón); Nguewa, P.A. (Paul Alain); Parrondo, R. (Ricardo), et al
16-May-2010Deletion of inducible nitric-oxide synthase in leptin-deficient mice improves brown adipose tissue functionArticuloBecerril, S. (Sara); Rodriguez, A. (Amaia); Catalan, V. (Victoria), et al
17-Aug-2010MAPC transplantation confers a more durable benefit than AC133+ cell transplantationArticuloAranguren, X.L. (Xabier L.); Pelacho, B. (Beatriz); Peñuelas-Sanchez, I. (Ivan), et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18