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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
15-Feb-2016Genome expression profiling-based identification and administration efficacy of host-directed antimicrobial drugs against respiratory infection by nontypeable Haemophilus influenzaeArticuloBengoechea, J.A. (José A.); Torres, J.P. (Juan P.) de; Leiva, J. (José); Morey, P. (Pau); Segura, V. (Víctor); Viadas, C. (Cristina); Moleres, J. (Javier); Garmendia, J. (Junkal); Moranta, D. (David); Euba, B. (Begoña)
30-Aug-2014Long-term catheterization: current approaches in the diagnosis and treatment of port-related infectionsArticuloBustos, C. (César); Aguinaga, A. (Aitziber); Carmona-Torre, F. (Francisco de A.); Pozo, J.L. (José Luis) del
19-Aug-2014Emerging agents to combat complicated and resistant infections: focus on ceftobiproleArticuloBustos, C. (César); Pozo, J.L. (José Luis) del
20-Jun-2014Linezolid-induced lactic acidosis in two liver transplant patients with the mitochondrial DNA A2706G polymorphismPublicaciones en Revistas; ArticuloPozo, J.L. (José Luis) del; Fernandez-Ros, N. (Nerea); Saez, E. (Elena); Herrero, J.I. (José Ignacio); Yuste, J.R. (José Ramón); Banales, J.M. (Jesús M.)
17-Jul-2013Biofilms bacterianos e infecciónArticuloLasa, I. (Íñigo); Pozo, J.L. (José Luis) del; Penades, J.R. (José R.); Leiva, J. (José)
2-Jul-2013Factors affecting detection of Brucella melitensis by BACTEC NR730, a nonradiometric system for hemoculturesArticuloGamazo, C. (Carlos); Vitas, A.I. (Ana Isabel); Lopez-Goñi, I. (Ignacio); Diaz, R. (Ramón); Moriyon, I. (Ignacio)
28-Jun-2013Rose Bengal plate agglutination and counterimmunoelectrophoresis tests on spinal fluid in the diagnosis of Brucella meningitisArticuloDiaz, R. (Ramón); Maravi-Poma, E. (Enrique); Delgado, G. (Gabriel); Rivero, A. (Antonio)
27-Jun-2013Estudio de la infección asociada a catéter intravascular durante el año 1998 en la Clínica Universitaria de Navarra at the University Clinic of NavarraArticuloPozo, J.L. (José Luis) del; Lecaroz, M.C. (María Concepción); Lamata, M. (M.); Soler, M. (M.); Hernaez, S. (S.); Leiva, J. (José)
27-Jun-2013Comparison of a dipstick assay for detection of Brucella-specific immunoglobulin M antibodies with other tests for serodiagnosis of human brucellosis.ArticuloClavijo, E. (Encarnación); Diaz, R. (Ramón); Anguita, A. (Ángel); García, A. (Aquilino); Pinedo, A. (Alfonso); Smits, H.L. (Henk L.)
8-Jan-2013Comparative analysis of selected methods for the assessment of antimicrobial and membrane-permeabilizing activity: a case study for lactoferricin derived peptidesArticuloSánchez-Gómez, S. (Susana); Lamata, M. (M.); Leiva, J. (José); Blondelle, S.E. (Sylvie E.); Jerala, R. (Roman); Andrä, J. (Jörg); Brandenburg, K. (Klaus); Lohner, K. (Karl); Moriyon, I. (Ignacio); Martinez-de-Tejada, G. (Guillermo)
23-Oct-2012Secondary serological response of patients with chronic hepatosplenic suppurative brucellosisArticuloDiaz, R. (Ramón); Ariza, J. (J.); Alberola-Gómez-Escolar, I. (Ignacio); Casanova, A. (Alain); Rubio, M. (Manuel)
15-Oct-2012Promotion of platelet aggregation by sera from brucellosis patients with antiphosphatidylcholine antibodiesArticuloCasao, M.A. (María Ángeles); Diaz, R. (Ramón); Orduña, A. (Antonio); Gamazo, C. (Carlos)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12