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5-Apr-2017Smoking and incidence of glaucoma The SUN CohortArticuloMoreno-Montañes, J. (Javier); Fernandez-Montero, A. (Alejandro); Martin-Calvo, N. (Nerea); Martinez-Gonzalez, M.A. (Miguel Ángel); Toledo, E. (Estefanía); Perez-de-Arcelus, M. (Monica)
26-Oct-2015Graves’ ophthalmopathy: Visa versus Eugogo classification, assessment, and managementArticuloBarrio-Barrio, J. (Jesús); Sabater, A.L. (Alfonso L.); Bonet-Farriol, M.E. (María Elvira); Velazquez-Villoria, A. (Alvaro); Galofre, J.C. (Juan Carlos)
13-Nov-2014Comparative study measuring the dilatory effect of a mydriatic device (Mydriasert(®)) versus topical dropsArticuloGarcia-Layana, A. (Alfredo); Salinas-Alaman, A. (Ángel); Sadaba-Echarri, L.M. (Luis M.); Caire-Gonzalez-Jauregui, J.M. (José M.); Zarranz-Ventura, J. (Javier); Sabater, A.L. (Alfonso L.); Bonet-Farriol, M.E. (María Elvira); Nova-Fernandez-Yañez, E. (Elisa) de; Fernandez-Robredo, P. (Patricia); Saenz-de-Viteri, M. (Manuel)
29-Sep-2014Age macular degeneration: etiology, prevention, individualized therapies, cell therapy, and tissue engineeringArticuloGarcia-Layana, A. (Alfredo); Thumann, G. (Gabriele); Groll, J. (Jürgen)
23-Sep-2014Evaluation of macular retinal ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer thickness after vitrectomy with internal limiting membrane peeling for idiopathic macular holesArticuloSabater, A.L. (Alfonso L.); Velazquez-Villoria, A. (Alvaro); Zapata, M. (Miguel); Figueroa, M.S. (Marta S.); Suarez-Leoz, M. (Marta); Arrevola, L. (Luis); Teijeiro, M.A. (María Ángeles); Garcia-Layana, A. (Alfredo)
15-Sep-2014Oxidative stress and histological changes in a model of retinal phototoxicity in rabbitsArticuloSaenz-de-Viteri, M. (Manuel); Heras-Mulero, H. (Henar); Fernandez-Robredo, P. (Patricia); Recalde, S. (Sergio); Hernandez, M. (María); Reiter, N. (Nicholas); Moreno-Orduña, M. (Maite); Garcia-Layana, A. (Alfredo)
15-Sep-2014Do nutritional supplements have a role in age macular degeneration prevention?ArticuloPinazo-Duran, M.D. (M. Dolores); Gomez-Ulla, F. (Francisco); Arias, L. (Luis); Araiz, J. (Javier); Casaroli-Marano, R. (Ricardo); Gallego-Pinazo, R. (Roberto); Garcia-Medina, J.J. (José Javier); Lopez-Galvez, M.I. (María Isabel); Manzanas, L. (Lucía); Salas, A. (Anna); Zapata, M. (Miguel); Diaz-Llopis, M. (Manuel); Garcia-Layana, A. (Alfredo)
23-Aug-2014Azithromycin reduces inflammation in a rat model of acute conjunctivitisArticuloFernandez-Robredo, P. (Patricia); Recalde, S. (Sergio); Moreno-Orduña, M. (Maite); Garcia-Garcia, L. (Laura); Zarranz-Ventura, J. (Javier); Garcia-Layana, A. (Alfredo)
12-Aug-2014Current treatment limitations in age-related macular degeneration and future approaches based on cell therapy and tissue engineeringArticuloFernandez-Robredo, P. (Patricia); Sancho, A. (A.); Johnen, S. (S.); Recalde, S. (Sergio); Gama, N. (N.); Thumann, G. (Gabriele); Groll, J. (Jürgen); Garcia-Layana, A. (Alfredo)
2-Aug-2014Transforming growth factor-beta inhibition reduces progression of early choroidal neovascularization lesions in rats: P17 and P144 peptidesArticuloZarranz-Ventura, J. (Javier); Fernandez-Robredo, P. (Patricia); Recalde, S. (Sergio); Salinas-Alaman, A. (Ángel); Borras-Cuesta, F. (Francisco); Dotor, J. (Javier); Garcia-Layana, A. (Alfredo)
2-Aug-2014Ocular symptoms secondary to meningeal carcinomatosis in a patient with lung adenocarcinoma: a case reportArticuloSabater, A.L. (Alfonso L.); Sadaba-Echarri, L.M. (Luis M.); Nova-Fernandez-Yañez, E. (Elisa) de
2-Aug-2014Spontaneous hemolytic uremic syndrome triggered by complement factor H lacking surface recognition domainsArticuloPickering, M.C. (Matthew C.); Goicoechea-de-Jorge, E. (Elena); Martinez-Barricarte, R. (Rubén); Recalde, S. (Sergio); Garcia-Layana, A. (Alfredo); Rose, K.L. (Kirsten L.); Moss, J. (Jill); Walport, M.J. (Mark J.); Cook, H.T. (H. Terence); Rodriguez-de-Cordoba, S. (Santiago); Botto, M. (Marina)
15-Jul-2014Smoking and age-related macular degeneration: review and updateArticuloVelilla, S. (Sara); Garcia-Medina, J.J. (José Javier); Garcia-Layana, A. (Alfredo); Dolz-Marco, R. (Rosa); Pons-Vazquez, S. (Sheila); Pinazo-Duran, M.D. (M. Dolores); Gomez-Ulla, F. (Francisco); Arevalo, J.F. (J. Fernando); Diaz-Llopis, M. (Manuel); Gallego-Pinazo, R. (Roberto)
10-Mar-2014Effects of lutein and docosahexaenoic Acid supplementation on macular pigment optical density in a randomized controlled trialArticuloGarcia-Layana, A. (Alfredo); Recalde, S. (Sergio); Salinas-Alaman, A. (Ángel); Fernandez-Robredo, P. (Patricia)
7-Mar-2014Azoor. Tras una lesión por latigazo cervicalArticuloSadaba-Echarri, L.M. (Luis M.); Moreno-Montañes, J. (Javier); Sainz-Gomez, C. (C.); Maldonado, M.J. (Miguel J.); Garcia-Layana, A. (Alfredo)
27-Feb-2014Ocular symptoms secondary to meningeal carcinomatosis in a patient with lung adenocarcinoma: a case report.ArticuloSabater, A.L. (Alfonso L.); Sadaba-Echarri, L.M. (Luis M.); Nova-Fernandez-Yañez, E. (Elisa) de
27-Feb-2014Effect of lutein and antioxidant supplementation on VEGF expression, MMP-2 activity, and ultrastructural alterations in apolipoprotein E-deficient mouseArticuloFernandez-Robredo, P. (Patricia); Sadaba-Echarri, L.M. (Luis M.); Salinas-Alaman, A. (Ángel); Recalde, S. (Sergio); Rodriguez, J.A. (José Antonio); Garcia-Layana, A. (Alfredo)
12-Aug-2013Fisiopatología de los movimientos oculares en la parálisis cerebral infantilArticuloEscobar, R. (R.); Ronquillo, A. (A.); Escobar-Borrego, F.J. (Francisco Javier); Alvarez-Morujo, M. (M.)
20-Dec-2012Vascular risk factors in primary open angle glaucomaArticuloBelzunce, A. (Arnaldo); Casellas, M. (M.)
5-Dec-2012Retinal nerve fiber layer atrophy is associated with physical and cognitive disability in multiple sclerosisArticuloToledo, S. (S.); Sepulcre, J. (Jorge); Salinas-Alaman, A. (Ángel); Garcia-Layana, A. (Alfredo); Murie, M. (M.); Bejarano, B. (B.); Villoslada, P. (Pablo)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 49