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7-Jun-2023Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: from phenotype to genetic basisArticuloCasale-Falcone, M. (Manuele); Pappacena, M. (M.); Rinaldi, V. (V.); Bressi, F. (F.); Baptista-Jardin, P. (Peter); Salvinelli, F. (F.)
7-Jun-2023Histopathological reaction in the vestibule after cochlear implantation in Macaca fascicularis.ArticuloManrique-Huarte, R. (Raquel); Garaycochea, O. (Octavio); Parillis-Troconis, D. (Daniela); Perez-Fernandez, N. (Nicolás); Manrique, M. (Manuel)
23-May-2023Healthy aging in elderly cochlear implant recipients: a multinational observational studyArticuloMarx, M. (M.); Mosnier, I. (I.); Belmin, J. (J.); Wyss, J. (J.); Coudert-Koall, C. (Chrystelle); Ramos, A. (A.); Manrique-Huarte, R. (Raquel); Khnifes, R. (R.); Hilly, O. (O.); Martini, A. (A.); Cuda, D. (D.)
15-May-2023Does nasal surgery improve multilevel surgical outcome in obstructive sleep apnea:A multicenter study on 735 patientsArticuloPang, K.P. (Kenny P.); Montevecchi, F. (Filippo); Vicini, C. (Claudio); Carrasco-Llatas, M. (Marina); Baptista, P.M. (Peter M.); Olszewska, E. (Ewa); Braverman, I. (Itzhak); Kishore, S. (Srivinas); Chandra, S. (Sudipta); Chae-Yang, H. (Hyung); Huak-Chan, Y. (Yiong); Pang, S.P. (Scott P.); Pang, K.A. (Kathleen A.); Pang, E.B. (Edward B.); Rotenberg, B. (Brian)
3-May-2023Spindle cell carcinoma: Two instances mistaken for vocal polypsArticuloFernández-González, S. (Secundino); Ferran, S. (Sol); Alcalde, J. (Juan); Garcia-Tobar, L. (Laura); Garaycochea, O. (Octavio)
3-May-2023A giant paraesophageal hiatal hernia causing vocal fold paralysisArticuloFernández-González, S. (Secundino); Prieto-Matos, C. (Carlos); Ferran, S. (Sol); Garaycochea, O. (Octavio)
19-Apr-2023Quality of life impact of hypoglossal nerve stimulation with inspire (R) device in patients with obstructive sleep apnea intolerant to continuous positive airway pressure therapyArticuloBaptista-Jardin, P. (Peter); Di-Frisco, I.M. (Isberling Madeleine); Urrestarazu, E. (Elena); Alcalde, J. (Juan); Alegre-Esteban, M. (Manuel); Sánchez-Olivieri, I. (Isabel); O’Connor-Reina, C. (Carlos); Plaza, G. (Guillermo)
17-Apr-2023Risk of diabetes in patients with sleep apnea: comparison of surgery versus CPAP in a long-term follow-up studyArticuloO’Connor-Reina, C. (Carlos); Rodriguez-Alcala, L. (Laura); Ignacio, J.M. (José María); Garcia-Iriarte, M.T. (Maria Teresa); Carrasco-Llatas, M. (Marina); Casado-Morente, J.C. (Juan Carlos); Pérez-del-Rey, D. (David); Marban-Álvarez, I.(Irene); Hernandez-Ibarburu, G. (Gema); Baptista, P.M. (Peter M.); Plaza-Mayor, G. (Guillermo)
17-Apr-2023Barbed pharyngoplasty for snoring: does it meet the expectations? a systematic reviewRevisionMoffa, A. (Antonio); Giorgi, L. (Lucrezia); Carnuccio, L. (Luca); Cassano, M. (Michele); Lugo, R. (Rodolfo); Baptista, P.M. (Peter M.); Casale-Falcone, M. (Manuele)
14-Apr-2023High-definition 3D exoscope-assisted barbed pharyngoplasty for OSAS and snoring: better than liveArticuloCasale-Falcone, M. (Manuele); Moffa, A. (Antonio); Pierri, M. (Michelangelo); Baptista, P.M. (Peter M.); Giorgi, L. (Lucrezia)
28-Mar-2023Introducing a new dosimeter for the assessment and monitoring of vocal risk situations and voice disordersArticuloLlorente-Ortega, M. (Marcos); Podhorski, A. (Adam); Fernández-González, S. (Secundino)
9-Mar-2023One year results for patients with unilateral hearing loss and accompanying severe tinnitus and hyperacusis treated with a cochlear implantArticuloRamos-Macías, A. (Angel); Falcón-González, J.C. (Juan Carlos); Manrique, M. (Manuel); Morera-Pérez, C. (Constantino); García-Ibáñez, L. (Luis); Cenjor-Español, C. (Carlos); Coudert-Koall, C. (Chrystelle); Killian, M. (Matthijs)
9-Mar-2023Cochlear-internal canal and cochlear-facial dehiscence: a novel entityArticuloGaraycochea, O. (Octavio); Domínguez-Echávarri, P.D. (Pablo Daniel); Manrique, M. (Manuel); Manrique-Huarte, R. (Raquel)
9-Mar-2023Cochlear implant electrode array from partial to full insertion in non-human primate modelArticuloManrique-Huarte, R. (Raquel); Calavia, D. (Diego); Gallego, M.A. (Maria Antonia); Manrique, M. (Manuel)
23-Feb-2023Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction in the Time of the Video Head Impulse TestArticuloPerez-Fernandez, N. (Nicolás); Alvarez-Gomez, L. (Laura); Manrique-Huarte, R. (Raquel)
21-Feb-2023Gentamicin delivery to the inner ear: does endolymphatic hydrops matter?ArticuloMarques-Vidal, P. (Pedro); Duan, M. (Maoli); Perez-Fernandez, N. (Nicolás); Spratley, J. (Jorge)
21-Feb-2023Mathematical methods for measuring the visually enhanced vestibulo-ocular reflex and preliminary results from healthy subjects and patient groupsArticuloRey-Martinez, J.A. (Jorge Alberto); Batuecas-Caletrio, A. (Angel); Matiño, E. (Eusebi); Trinidad-Ruiz, G. (Gabriel); Altuna, X. (Xabier); Perez-Fernandez, N. (Nicolás)
21-Feb-2023The gain-time constant product quantifies total vestibular output in bilateral vestibular lossArticuloHain, T.C. (Timothy C.); Cherchi, M. (Marcelo); Perez-Fernandez, N. (Nicolás)
20-Feb-2023Vestibulo-cochlear fuction after cochlear implantation in patients with Meniere's diseaseArticuloManrique-Huarte, R. (Raquel); Calavia, D. (Diego); Alvarez-Gomez, L. (Laura); Huarte-Irujo, A. (Alicia); Perez-Fernandez, N. (Nicolás); Manrique, M. (Manuel)
7-Feb-2023Endolymphatic hydrops in the unaffected ear of patients with unilateral Ménière's diseaseArticuloGuajardo-Vergara, C. (Carlos); Suarez-Vega, V. (Víctor); Domínguez-Echávarri, P.D. (Pablo Daniel); Manrique-Huarte, R. (Raquel); Arbizu, L. (Lorea); Perez-Fernandez, N. (Nicolás)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 91