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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2012Luminal leptin inhibits L-glutamine transport in rat small intestine: involvement of ASCT2 and B0AT1.ArticuloDucroc, R. (Robert); Sakar, Y. (Yassine); Fanjul, C. (Carmen); Barber, A. (Ana); Bado, A. (André); Lostao, M.P. (María Pilar)
28-Nov-2011Glucose and insulin modify thrombospondin 1 expression and secretion in primary adipocytes from diet-induced obese rats.ArticuloGarcia-Diaz, D.F. (Diego F.); Arellano, A.V. (A.V.); Milagro-Yoldi, F.I. (Fermín Ignacio); Moreno-Aliaga, M. J. (María Jesús); Portillo, M.P. (María P.); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo); Campión-Zabalza, J. (Javier)
14-Nov-2011Cardiotrophin-1 is a key regulator of glucose and lipid metabolismArticuloMoreno-Aliaga, M. J. (María Jesús); Perez-Echarri, N. (Nerea); Marcos, B. (Beatriz); Larequi-García, E. (Eduardo); Gil-Bea, F.J. (Francisco J.); Viollet, B. (Benoit); Gimenez, I. (I.); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo); Prieto, J. (Jesús); Bustos, M. (Matilde)
2-Nov-2011Dietary fatty acid distribution modifies obesity risk linked to the rs9939609 polymorphism of the fat mass and obesity-associated gene in a Spanish case-control study of childrenArticuloMoleres, A. (Adriana); Ochoa, M.C. (María Carmen); Rendo-Urteaga, T. (Tara); Martinez-Gonzalez, M.A. (Miguel Ángel); Azcona-San-Julian, M.C. (María Cristina); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo); Marti-del-Moral, A. (Amelia)
2-Nov-2011Il6 gene promoter polymorphism (-174G/C) influences the association between fat mass and cardiovascular risk factorsArticuloMoleres, A. (Adriana); Rendo-Urteaga, T. (Tara); Azcona-San-Julian, M.C. (María Cristina); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo); Gomez-Martinez, S. (Sonia); Ruiz, J.R. (Jonatan R.); Moreno, L.A. (Luis A.); Marcos, A. (Ascensión); Marti-del-Moral, A. (Amelia)
17-Oct-2011Vitamin C modulates the interaction between adipocytes and macrophagesArticuloGarcia-Diaz, D.F. (Diego F.); Campión-Zabalza, J. (Javier); Quintero, P. (Pablo); Milagro-Yoldi, F.I. (Fermín Ignacio); Moreno-Aliaga, M. J. (María Jesús); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo)
10-Oct-2011Dietary total antioxidant capacity is inversely related to central adiposity as well as to metabolic and oxidative stress markers in healthy young adultsArticuloHermsdorff, H.H. (H. H.); Puchau, B. (Blanca); Volp, A.C.P. (Ana Carolina P.); Barbosa, K.B. (K.B.); Bressan, J. (J.); Zulet, M.A. (María Ángeles); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo)
19-Sep-2011Natural inhibitors of pancreatic lipase as new players in obesity treatment.ArticuloGarza, A.L. (Ana Laura) de la; Milagro-Yoldi, F.I. (Fermín Ignacio); Boque, N. (Noemi); Campión-Zabalza, J. (Javier); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo)
19-Sep-2011Central adiposity rather than total adiposity measurements are specifically involved in the inflammatory status from healthy young adults.ArticuloHermsdorff, H.H. (H. H.); Zulet, M.A. (María Ángeles); Puchau, B. (Blanca); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo)
19-Sep-2011High-fat diet feeding alters metabolic response to fasting/non fasting conditions. Effect on caveolin expression and insulin signalling.ArticuloGomez-Ruiz, A. (A.); Milagro-Yoldi, F.I. (Fermín Ignacio); Campión-Zabalza, J. (Javier); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo); Miguel-Vázquez, C. (Carlos) de
31-May-2011Effects of different protein content and glycemic index of ad libitum diets on diabetes risk factors in overweight adults: the DIOGenes multicentre, randomised, dietary intervention trial.ArticuloGoyenechea, E. (Estíbaliz); Holst, C. (C.); Saris, W.H.M. (Wim H. M.); Jebb, S.A. (Susan A.); Kafatos, A. (A.); Handjiev, S. (S.); Hlavaty, P. (P.); Stender, S. (Steen); Larsen, T.M. (Thomas M.); Astrup, A. (Arne); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo)
18-May-2011Hypothesis-oriented food patterns and incidence of hypertension: 6-year follow-up of the SUN (Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra) prospective cohortArticuloToledo, E. (Estefanía); Carmona-Torre, F. (Francisco de A.); Alonso, A. (Alvaro); Puchau, B. (Blanca); Zulet, M.A. (María Ángeles); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo); Martinez-Gonzalez, M.A. (Miguel Ángel)
18-May-2011The reduction of the metabolyc syndrome in Navarra-Spain (RESMENA-S) study; a multidisciplinary strategy based on chrononutrition and nutritional education, together with dietetic and psychological controlArticuloZulet, M.A. (María Ángeles); Bondia-Pons, I. (I.); Abete, I. (Itziar); Iglesia, R. (Rocío) de la; Lopez-Legarrea, P. (Patricia); Forga, L. (Luis); Navas-Carretero, S. (Santiago)
16-May-2011Leptin and TNF-alpha promoter methylation levels measured by MSP could predict the response to a low-calorie dietArticuloCordero, P. (Paul); Campión-Zabalza, J. (Javier); Milagro-Yoldi, F.I. (Fermín Ignacio); Goyenechea, E. (Estíbaliz); Steemburgo, T. (Thais); Javierre, B.M. (B. M.); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo)
7-Mar-2011Lipoic acid inhibits leptin secretion and Sp1 activity in adipocytesArticuloPrieto-Hontoria, P.L. (Pedro L.); Perez-Matute, P. (Patricia); Fernandez-Galilea, M. (Marta); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo); Moreno-Aliaga, M. J. (María Jesús)
9-Feb-2011Contribution of energy restriction and macronutrient composition to changes in adipose tissue gene expression during dietary weight-loss programs in obese women.ArticuloCapel, F. (F.); Viguerie, N. (N.); Vega, N. (Nathalie); Dejean, S. (S.); Arner, P. (P.); Klimcakova, E. (E.); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo); Saris, W.H.M. (Wim H. M.); Holst, C. (C.); Taylor, M. (Moira); Oppert, J.M. (Jean M.); Sørensen, T.I.A (Thorkild I. A.); Clement, K. (K.); Vidal, H. (Hubert); Langin, D. (D.)
8-Feb-2011Evidences on three relevant obesogenes: MC4R, FTO and PPARγ. Approaches for personalized nutrition.ArticuloRazquin, C. (Cristina); Marti-del-Moral, A. (Amelia); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo)
12-Jan-2011Frequent consumption of selenium-enriched chicken meat by adults causes weight loss and maintains their antioxidant status.ArticuloNavas-Carretero, S. (Santiago); Cuervo, M. (Marta); Abete, I. (Itziar); Zulet, M.A. (María Ángeles); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo)
22-Nov-2010Food consumption analysis in Spanish elderly based upon the Mini Nutritional Assessment TestArticuloCuervo, M. (Marta); Ansorena-Artieda, D. (Diana); García, A. (Aquilino); Astiasarán, I. (Iciar); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo)
17-Nov-2010A 3-year Mediterranean-style dietary intervention may modulate the association between adiponectin gene variants and body weight changeArticuloRazquin, C. (Cristina); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo); Martinez-Gonzalez, M.A. (Miguel Ángel); Salas-Salvado, J. (Jordi); Estruch, R. (Ramón); Marti-del-Moral, A. (Amelia)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 50