Factores influyentes en el tiempo hasta la progresión bioquímica después de prostatectomía radical
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Time-influencing factors for biochemical progression following radical prostatectomy
Radical prostatectomy
Biochemical progression
Prognostic factors
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Elsevier España
Barba J, Brugarolas X, Tolosa E, Rincon A, Romero L, Rosell D, et al. Factores influyentes en el tiempo hasta la progresión bioquímica después de prostatectomía radical. Actas Urol Esp 2011 Apr;35(4):201-207.
INTRODUCTION: We assessed the time-influencing clinical-pathological factors for biochemical progression of an equal series of patients from a single institution. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Retrospective analysis of 278 patients with biochemical progression following prostatectomy. We considered biochemical progression to be PSA>0.4 ng/ml. We performed the trial using the Cox model (univariate and multivariate) and using the Student's t-test to compare averages. RESULTS: With a mean follow-up of 4 (±3 DE) years, the univariate study showed a mean until progression for the Gleason score 2-6 in the biopsy of 824 days and 543 for the Gleason score 7-10 (p=0.003). For negative surgical margins, the mean was 920 days and 545 for positive margins (p=0.0001). In the case of a Gleason score 2-7 in the specimen, the mean was 806 days and 501 for a Gleason score 8-10 (p=0.001). Lastly, the mean for the cases with Ki-67 negative in the specimen (< 10%) was 649 days and 345 for Ki-67 positive (> 10%) (p=0.003). In the multivariate study, Ki-67 (OR 1.028; IC 95% 1-1.01; p=0.0001) and Gleason score 8-10 (OR 1.62; IC 95% 1.5-2.45; p=0.026) in the specimen, and initial PSA >10 ng/ml (OR 1.02; IC 95% 1.01-1.04; p=0.0001) were independent variables. Using these variables, we designed a predictive model with three groups. The time until the progression of each group was 1,081, 551 and 218 days respectively. CONCLUSION: The Gleason score 7-10 in the prostate biopsy, the presence of Ki-67, the positive margins and the Gleason score 8-10 in the specimen, and the initial PSA > 10 ng/ml are time-influencing factors until biochemical progression. Pathological Gleason score 8-10, PSA > 10 ng/ml and Ki-67 are independent factors.

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