Delta-mediated cross-frequency coupling organizes oscillatory activity across the rat cortico-basal ganglia network
Cortico-basal ganglia network
Cross-frequency coupling
Dopaminergic system
Local field potentials
Nested interactions
Nested oscillations
Oscillatory activity
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López-Azcárate J, Nicolás MJ, Cordon I, Alegre M, Valencia M, Artieda J. Delta-mediated cross-frequency coupling organizes oscillatory activity across the rat cortico-basal ganglia network. Front Neural Circuits. 2013 Oct 2;7:155
The brain's ability to integrate different behavioral and cognitive processes relies on its capacity to generate neural oscillations in a cooperative and coordinated manner. Cross-frequency coupling (CFC) has recently been proposed as one of the mechanisms involved in organizing brain activity. Here we investigated the phase-to-amplitude CFC (PA-CFC) patterns of the oscillatory activity in the cortico-basal ganglia network of healthy, freely moving rats. Within-structure analysis detected consistent PA-CFC patterns in the four regions analyzed, with the phase of delta waves modulating the amplitude of activity in the gamma (low-gamma ~50 Hz; high-gamma ~80 Hz) and high frequency ranges (high frequency oscillations HFO, ~150 Hz). Between-structure analysis revealed that the phase of delta waves parses the occurrence of transient episodes of coherence in the gamma and high frequency bands across the entire network, providing temporal windows of coherence between different structures. Significantly, this specific spatio-temporal organization was affected by the action of dopaminergic drugs. Taken together, our findings suggest that delta-mediated PA-CFC plays a key role in the organization of local and distant activities in the rat cortico-basal ganglia network by fine-tuning the timing of synchronization events across different structures. KEYWORDS: cortico-basal ganglia network; cross-frequency coupling; dopaminergic system; local field potentials; nested interactions; nested oscillations; oscillatory activity

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