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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
30-Apr-2024Carl Schmitt on the transformations of the people in modernityArticuloHerrero, M. (Montserrat)
7-Feb-2024La ciencia del hombre en Michel de Montaigne: Vox naturae, vox rationis, vox fideiCapitulo de libroLázaro, R. (Raquel)
30-Jan-2024Populism’s challenges to political reason: Reconfiguring the public sphere in an emotional cultureArticuloGonzález, A.M. (Ana Marta); García-Martínez, A.N. (Alejandro Néstor)
26-Jan-2024“You Would Not Seek Me If You Had Not Found Me”—Another Pascalian Response to the Problem of Divine HiddennessArticuloGuillon, J.B. (Jean-Baptiste)
26-Jan-2024Van Inwagen on introspected freedomArticuloGuillon, J.B. (Jean-Baptiste)
17-Jan-2024‘I can’ vs. ‘I want’: what’s missing from Gallagher’s picture of non-reductive cognitive scienceArticuloBarrett, N.F. (Nathaniel F.); García-Valdecasas, M. (Miguel); Sánchez-Cañizares, J. (Javier)
17-Jan-2024Does autogenic semiosis underpin minimal cognition? Deacon’s autogen model in the context of the life-mind continuity thesisArticuloGarcía-Valdecasas, M. (Miguel)
17-Jan-2024On the naturalisation of teleology: self-organisation, autopoiesis and teleodynamicsArticuloGarcía-Valdecasas, M. (Miguel)
17-Jan-2024Prudence, rules, and regulative epistemologyArticuloGarcía-Valdecasas, M. (Miguel); Milburn, J. (Joe)
16-Jan-2024Are Wittgenstein’s hinges rational world-pictures? The Groundlessness Theory reconsideredArticuloGarcía-Valdecasas, M. (Miguel)
16-Jan-2024A thermodynamic basis for teleological causalityArticuloDeacon, T. (Terrence); García-Valdecasas, M. (Miguel)
16-Jan-2024Coincidence as parthoodArticuloGuillon, J.B. (Jean-Baptiste)
12-Jan-2024A Common Sense Defence of Ostrich NominalismArticuloGuillon, J.B. (Jean-Baptiste)
12-Jan-2024The Evil Demon argument as based on closure plus meta-coherenceArticuloGuillon, J.B. (Jean-Baptiste)
12-Jan-2024Réflexivité épistémique et défense forte du sens commun. Remarques sur l’épistémologie de Pascal EngelArticuloGuillon, J.B. (Jean-Baptiste)
11-Jan-2024The place of relations in Hieronymus Pardo's semantics of propositionsArticuloPérez-Ilzarbe, P. (Paloma)
10-Jan-2024Lenguaje y autorreferencialidad en la lógica española del tardo medioevoArticuloPérez-Ilzarbe, P. (Paloma)
8-Jan-2024Sobre el sentimiento de valor en Edith SteinArticuloCrespo, M. (Mariano)
8-Jan-2024Fenomenología y eudaimonía. La búsqueda racional de la felicidad en la ética de Edmund HusserlArticuloCrespo, M. (Mariano)
5-Jan-2024Narciso en la encrucijada. La autorreferencialidad como destinoArticuloMartínez-Carrasco, A. (Alejandro)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 880