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30-Apr-2024Relaciones familia-escuela: creencias desde los servicios de orientaciónArticuloCueli-Naranjo, M.A. (María de los Ángeles); López-Larrosa, S. (Silvia)
30-Apr-2024Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder as a risk factor for being involved in intimate partner violence and sexual violence: a systematic review and meta-analysisArticuloArrondo, G. (Gonzalo); Osorio, A. (Alfonso); Magallon-Recalde, S. (Sara); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); Cortese, S. (Samuele)
26-Mar-2024Leisure time activities in adolescents predict problematic technology useArticuloIbabe, I. (Izaskun); Albertos-San-José, A. (Aránzazu); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina)
5-Mar-2024Uso problemático de las tecnologías, actividades de ocio y funciones ejecutivas en adolescentesArticuloAlbertos-San-José, A. (Aránzazu); Ibabe, I. (Izaskun)
5-Mar-2024Potential connection between positive frustration in family leisure time and the promotion of adolescent autonomyArticuloRivas, S. (Sonia); Albertos-San-José, A. (Aránzazu)
5-Mar-2024Adolescents’ alcohol use: does the type of leisure activity matter? A cross-national studyArticuloAlbertos-San-José, A. (Aránzazu); Koning, I. (Ina); Benitez, E. (Edgar); Irala, J. (Jokin) de
5-Mar-2024Estrategia docente para el desarrollo de la competencia digital en el aula universitaria: Del uso recreativo al uso formativoArticuloAlbertos-San-José, A. (Aránzazu); Domingo, À. (Àngels); Albertos-San-José, J.E. (Jesús Enrique)
26-Feb-2024Differentiation of self in adolescents: measurement invariance analysis across six Spanish-speaking countriesArticuloGallego, A. (Ana); Schweer-Collins, M. (M.); Osorio, A. (Alfonso); Rodríguez-González, M. (Martiño)
30-Jan-2024WhatsApp usefulness as a communication tool in an educational contextArticuloUrien-Angulo, B. (Begoña); Erro-Garcés, A. (Amaya); Osca, A. (Amparo)
19-Jan-2024Palliative care stay room – designing, testing and evaluating a gamified social intervention to enhance palliative care awareness.ArticuloReigada, C. (Carla); Sandgren, A. (Anna); Rivas-Borrell, S. (Sonia); Carvajal, A. (Ana); Hermida-Romero, S. (Santiago); Benitez, E. (Edgar); Ripoll, G. (Guillem); Olza-Moreno, I. (Inés); Centeno, C. (Carlos); Gómez-Baceiredo, B. (Beatriz)
16-Jan-2024Unpacking collective teacher efficacy in primary schools: student achievement and professional developmentArticuloSalas-Rodríguez, F. (Fátima); Lara, S. (Sonia)
16-Jan-2024Educación para una vida fructífera, educación del carácter y participación de la familia en la educación escolarArticuloBernal-Martínez-de-Soria, A. (Aurora); Naval, C. (Concepción)
12-Jan-2024Organisational support and group efficacy A longitudinal study of main and buffer effectsArticuloOsca, A. (Amparo); Urien-Angulo, B. (Begoña); González-Camino, G. (Genoveva); Martínez-Pérez, M.D. (M.Dolores); Martínez-Pérez, N. (Nuria)
12-Jan-2024Character strengths, moral motivation and vocational identity in adolescents and young adults: a scoping reviewArticuloVillacís-Nieto, J.L. (Jorge Luis); Naval, C. (Concepción); Fuente-Arias, J. (Jesús) de la
11-Jan-2024Teleworkability, Preferences for Telework, and Well-Being: A Systematic ReviewArticuloUrien-Angulo, B. (Begoña)
11-Jan-2024Telework in Baltic Countries during the Pandemic: Effects on Wellbeing, Job Satisfaction, and Work-Life BalanceArticuloErro-Garcés, A. (Amaya); Urien-Angulo, B. (Begoña); Cyras, G. (Giedrius); Janusauskiene, V.M. (Vita Maryte)
11-Jan-2024The Proactive-Reactive Resilience as a Mediational Variable Between the Character Strength and the Flourishing in Undergraduate StudentsArticuloFuente-Arias, J. (Jesús) de la; Urien-Angulo, B. (Begoña); Luis-Garcia, E.O. (Elkin Oswaldo); González-Torres, M.C. (María Carmen); Artuch-Garde, R. (Raquel); Balaguer-Estaña, A.J. (Álvaro J.)
11-Jan-2024An Emergence Model of Team BurnoutArticuloUrien-Angulo, B. (Begoña); Rico, R. (Ramón); Demerouti, E. (Evangelia); Bakker, A.B. (Arnold B.)
11-Jan-2024Justice, satisfaction and counterproductive behaviour: A Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) theory study on Social WorkersArticuloUrien-Angulo, B. (Begoña); Díez-Valdes, V. (Vicente); Osca, A. (Amparo)
11-Jan-2024Role ambiguity, group cohesion and job satisfaction: A Demands-Resources Model (JD-R) Study from Mexico and SpainArticuloUrien-Angulo, B. (Begoña); Osca, A. (Amparo)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 238