Entender y anotar los textos políticos de Quevedo: las exigencias de la Historia
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GRISO-Universidad de Navarra
La Perinola. Revista de Investigación Quevediana, 4, 2000, pp. 345-366
La obras políticas de Quevedo fueron leídas con pasión por los lectores de su tiempo. Hoy, muchos críticos alaban su valor literario pero denuncian la trivialidad de sus propósitos. Tal contradicción se explica por un error de perspectiva que hace que se busque en los textos quevedianos un sentido “eterno” que no pueden tener porque son esencialmente productos de la historia y testimonios de su época. The political works of Quevedo were read with passion in his time. Today, many critics, while praising their literary worth, denounce their commonplace content. Such contradictory judgement can be explained by the faulty angle of a search for an “eternal” truth into Quevedo’s texts, which they will not provide due to their being the pure products of the history and testimonies of their time. Backed up by her own researches, Josette Riandière points out how incumbent is on the publisher to acquire the historical knowledge —be it philological, semantic, political, scientific, etc.— which requires a correct comprehension of these texts, both literal and ideological, so as to place them within the gasp of the modern reader.
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