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5-Apr-2017Development of a DIPG Orthotopic Model in Mice Using an Implantable Guide-Screw SystemArticuloMarigil, M. (Miguel); Martinez-Velez, N. (Naiara); Dominguez, P.D. (Pablo Daniel); Idoate, M.A. (Miguel Ángel); Xipell, E. (Enric); Patiño-García, A. (Ana); Gonzalez-Huarriz, M. (Marisol); Garcia-Maure, M. (Marc); Junier, M.P. (Marie Pierre); Chneiweiss, H. (Hervé); El-Habr, E. (Elías); Diez-Valle, R. (Ricardo); Tejada-Solis, S. (Sonia); Alonso-Roldán, M.M. (Marta María)
1-Mar-2017Oncolytic adenoviruses as a therapeutic approach for osteosarcoma: A new hopeArticuloAlonso-Roldán, M.M. (Marta María); Martinez-Velez, N. (Naiara); Patiño-García, A. (Ana); Garcia-Moure, M. (Marc)
5-May-2015Elevated levels of the complement activation product c4d in bronchial fluids for the diagnosis of lung cancerArticuloAjona, D. (Daniel); Razquin, C. (Cristina); Pastor, M.D. (María Dolores); Pajares, M.J. (María José); Garcia, J. (Javier); Cardenal, F. (F.); Fleischhacker, M. (M.); Lozano, M.D. (María Dolores); Zulueta, J. (Javier); Schmidt, B. (Bernd); Nadal, E. (Ernest); Paz-Ares, L. (Luis); Montuenga-Badia, L.M. (Luis M.); Pio, R. (Rubén)
13-Nov-2014TMPRSS4 regulates levels of integrin α5 in NSCLC through miR-205 activity to promote metastasisArticuloLarzabal, L. (Leyre); Aberasturi, A.L. (A. L.) de; Redrado, M. (Miriam); Rueda, P. (Paloma); Rodriguez, M.J. (María José); Bodegas-Frías, E. (Elena); Montuenga-Badia, L.M. (Luis M.); Calvo, A. (Alfonso)
30-Aug-2014Identification of novel deregulated RNA metabolism-related genes in non-small cell lung cancerArticuloValles, I. (Iñaki); Pajares, M.J. (María José); Segura, V. (Víctor); Guruceaga, E. (Elizabeth); Gomez-Roman, J. (J.); Blanco, D. (D.); Tamura, A. (Akiko); Montuenga-Badia, L.M. (Luis M.); Pio, R. (Rubén)
27-May-2013Nanoparticules muco-pénétrantes: véhicules pour l’administration orale du paclitaxelArticuloZabaleta, V. (Virginia); Calleja, P. (Patricia); Espuelas, S. (Socorro); Corrales, L. (Leticia); Pio, R. (Rubén); Agüeros, M. (Maite); Irache, J.M. (Juan Manuel)
31-Oct-2012Assessment of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor and K-Ras Mutation Status in Cytological Stained Smears of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients: Correlation with Clinical OutcomesArticuloLozano, M.D. (María Dolores); Zulueta, J. (Javier); Echeveste, J.I. (José I.); Gurpide, A. (Alfonso); Seijo, L. (Luis); Martin-Algarra, S. (Salvador); Barrio, A. (Anabel) del; Pio, R. (Rubén); Idoate, M.A. (Miguel Ángel); Labiano, T. (Tania); Perez-Gracia, J.L. (Jose Luis)
9-Aug-2012A gene signature of 8 genes could identify the risk of recurrence and progression in Dukes' B colon cancer patientsArticuloBandres, E. (Eva); Malumbres, R. (Raquel); Cubedo, E. (Elena); Honorato, B. (Beatriz); Zarate, R. (Ruth); Labarga, A. (Alberto); Gabisu, U. (Unai); Sola, J.J. (Jesús Javier); Garcia-Foncillas, J. (Jesús)
9-Aug-2012Identification by Real-time PCR of 13 mature microRNAs differentially expressed in colorectal cancer and non-tumoral tissuesArticuloBandres, E. (Eva); Cubedo, E. (Elena); Agirre-Ena, X. (Xabier); Malumbres, R. (Raquel); Zarate, R. (Ruth); Ramirez, N. (Natalia); Abajo, A. (Ana); Navarro, A. (A.); Moreno, I. (I.); Monzo, M. (M.); Garcia-Foncillas, J. (Jesús)
29-Jun-2012Xeroderma pigmentosum group D 751 polymorphism as a predictive factor in resected gastric cancer treated with chemo-radiotherapyArticuloZarate, R. (Ruth); Arias, F. (F.); Bandres, E. (Eva); Cubedo, E. (Elena); Malumbres, R. (Raquel); Garcia-Foncillas, J. (Jesús)
9-May-2012Receptor of Activated Protein C Promotes Metastasis and Correlates with Clinical Outcome in Lung AdenocarcinomaArticuloAnton, I. (Iker); Molina, E. (Eva); Luis-Ravelo, D. (Diego); Zandueta, C. (Carolina); Valencia, K. (Karmele); Ormazábal, C. (Cristina); Martinez-Canarias, S. (Susana); Perurena, N. (Naiara); Pajares, M.J. (María José); Agorreta, J. (Jackeline); Montuenga-Badia, L.M. (Luis M.); Segura, V. (Víctor); Wistuba, I.I. (Ignacio I.); Rivas, J. (Javier) de las; Hermida, J. (José); Lecanda, F. (Fernando)
27-Apr-2012The regenerative nidi of the locust midgut as a model to study epithelial cell differentiation from stem cellsArticuloIlla-Bochac, I. (Irineu); Montuenga-Badia, L.M. (Luis M.)
27-Apr-2012Adrenomedullin prevents apoptosis in prostate cancer cellsArticuloAbasolo, I. (Ibane); Montuenga-Badia, L.M. (Luis M.); Calvo, A. (Alfonso)
17-Apr-2012Combination of a TLR4 ligand and anaphylatoxin C5a for the induction of antigen-specific cytotoxic T cell responsesArticuloRudilla, F. (Francesc); Fayolle, C. (Catherine); Casares, N. (Noelia); Durantez, M. (Maika); Arribillaga, L. (Laura); Lozano, T. (Teresa); Villanueva, L. (Lorea); Pio, R. (Rubén); Sarobe, P. (Pablo); Leclerc, C. (Claude); Prieto, J. (Jesús); Lasarte, J.J. (Juan José)
20-Dec-2011Repetitive nicotine exposure leads to a more malignant and metastasis-prone phenotype of SCLC: a molecular insight into the importance of quitting smoking during treatmentArticuloMartinez-Garcia, E. (Eva); Irigoyen, M. (Marta); Gonzalez-Moreno, O. (Óscar); Corrales, L. (Leticia); Teijeira, A. (Álvaro); Salvo, E. (Elizabeth); Rouzaut, A. (Ana)
20-Dec-2011Lymphangiogenesis and lung cancerArticuloRouzaut, A. (Ana); Irigoyen, M. (Marta); Montuenga-Badia, L.M. (Luis M.)
20-Dec-2011Nitric oxide activates granule-associated DNase in human monocytesArticuloPio, R. (Rubén); Lopez-Zabalza, M.J. (María Jesús); Rouzaut, A. (Ana); Santiago, E. (Esteban); Lopez-Moratalla, N. (Natalia)
12-Dec-2011Peptidylglycine alpha-amidating monooxygenase- and proadrenomedullin-derived peptide-associated neuroendocrine differentiation are induced by androgen deprivation in the neoplastic prostateArticuloJimenez, N. (Nuria); Jongsma, J. (Johan); Calvo, A. (Alfonso); Kwast, T.H. (Theodorus H. ) van der; Treston, A.M. (Anthony M.); Cuttitta, F. (Frank); Schröder, F.H. (Fritz H.); Montuenga-Badia, L.M. (Luis M.); Steenbrugge, G.J. (Gert J.) van
12-Dec-2011A new type of arthropod photoreceptorArticuloJordana, R. (Rafael); Baquero-Martin, E. (Enrique); Montuenga-Badia, L.M. (Luis M.)
12-Dec-2011Hyperplasia of alveolar neuroendocrine cells in rat lung carcinogenesis by silica with selective expression of proadrenomedullin-derived peptides and amidating enzymesArticuloElizegi, E. (E.); Pino, I. (Irene); Vicent, S. (Silvestre); Blanco, D. (D.); Saffiotti, U. (Umberto); Montuenga-Badia, L.M. (Luis M.)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 103