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2016Generation and characterization of human iPSC line generated from mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissueArticuloRodriguez-Madoz, J.R. (Juan Roberto); Prosper, F. (Felipe); Barajas, M. (Miguel), et al
2012Evaluation of monocytes as carriers for armed oncolytic adenoviruses in murine and Syrian hamster models of cancerArticuloBuñuales, M. (M.); Garcia-Aragoncillo, E. (Eva); Casado, R. (Raquel), et al
2006Intrahepatic injection of adenovirus reduces inflammation and increases gene transfer and therapeutic effect in miceArticuloCrettaz, J. (Julien); Berraondo, P. (Pedro); Mauleon, I. (Itsaso), et al
2012Kinetic and dynamic computational model-based characterization of new proteins in mice: application to interferon alpha linked to apolipoprotein a-IArticuloParra-Guillen, Z.P. (Zinnia Patricia); Fioravanti, J. (Jessica); Medina-Echeverz, J. (José), et al
2006Intrahepatic injection of recombinant adeno-associated virus serotype 2 overcomes gender-related differences in liver transductionArticuloBerraondo, P. (Pedro); Crettaz, J. (Julien); Ochoa, L. (Laura), et al
2012Immunochemotherapy against colon cancer by gene transfer of interleukin-12 in combination with oxaliplatinArticuloHernandez-Alcoceba, R. (Rubén); Berraondo, P. (Pedro)
2009Treatment of chronic viral hepatitis in woodchucks by prolonged intrahepatic expression of interleukin-12ArticuloCrettaz, J. (Julien); Otano, I. (Itziar); Ochoa, L. (Laura), et al
2012Colon cancer eradication after chemoimmunotherapy is associated with intratumoral emergence of proinflammatory myeloid cellsArticuloMedina-Echeverz, J. (José); Berraondo, P. (Pedro)
2010Selection of extreme phenotypes: the role of clinical observation in translational researchArticuloPerez-Gracia, J.L. (Jose Luis); Gurpide, A. (Alfonso); Ruiz-Ilundain, M.G. (María Gloria), et al
2010Immunology and gene therapy: shoulder to shoulder into the frayArticuloSmerdou, C. (Cristian); Ochoa, M.C. (María Carmen); Quetglas, J.I. (José Ignacio), et al
2010Porphobilinogen deaminase over-expression in hepatocytes, but not in erythrocytes, prevents accumulation of toxic porphyrin precursors in a mouse model of acute intermittent porphyriaArticuloUnzu, C. (Carmen); Sampedro, A. (Ana); Mauleon, I. (Itsaso), et al
2006Low surface expression of B7-1 (CD80) is an immunoescape mechanism of colon carcinomaArticuloTirapu, I. (Íñigo); Huarte, E. (Eduardo); Guiducci, C. (Cristiana), et al
2002Upregulation of natural killer cells functions underlies the efficacy of intratumorally injected dendritic cells engineered to produce interleukin-12ArticuloRodriguez-Calvillo, M. (Mercedes); Duarte, M. (Marina); Tirapu, I. (Íñigo), et al
2009Clinical development of combination strategies in immunotherapy: are we ready for more than one investigational product in an early clinical trial?ArticuloPerez-Gracia, J.L. (Jose Luis); Berraondo, P. (Pedro); Martinez-Forero, I. (Iván), et al
2009In vivo depletion of DC impairs the anti-tumor effect of agonistic anti-CD137 mAbArticuloMurillo, O. (Oihana); Dubrot, J. (Juan); Palazon, A. (Asís), et al
2007Induction of immunosuppressive molecules and regulatory T cells counteracts the antitumor effect of interleukin-12-based gene therapy in a transgenic mouse model of liver cancerArticuloZabala, M. (Maider); Lasarte, J.J. (Juan José); Perret, C. (Christine), et al
2011International symposium on CTL and immunostimulation, Pamplona (Spain), October 26th and 27th 2010ArticuloOchoa, M.C. (María Carmen); Hervas-Stubbs, S. (Sandra); Palazon, A. (Asís), et al
2011Eradication of large tumors expressing human papillomavirus E7 protein by therapeutic vaccination with E7 fused to the extra domain a from fibronectinArticuloMansilla, C. (Cristina); Berraondo, P. (Pedro); Durantez, M. (Maika), et al
2009Epidermal growth factor receptor ligands in murine models for erythropoietic protoporphyria: potential novel players in the progression of liver injuryArticuloBerasain, C. (Carmen); Sampedro, A. (Ana); Mauleon, I. (Itsaso), et al
2001Protection against woodchuck hepatitis virus (WHV) infection by gene gun coimmunization with WHV core and interleukin-12ArticuloGarcia-Navarro, R. (Raquel); Blanco-Urgoiti, B. (Begoña); Berraondo, P. (Pedro), et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 36