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2013Zolmitriptan: a novel portal hypotensive agent which synergizes with propranolol in lowering portal pressureArticuloRoboredo, M. (Mercedes); Chang, H.C.Y. (Haisul C. Y.); Barbero, R. (Roberto), et al
1998Effectiveness of lamivudine in treatment of acute recurrent hepatitis B after liver transplantationArticuloHerrero, J.I. (José Ignacio); Quiroga, J. (Jorge); Sangro, B. (Bruno), et al
1994Prediction of sustained remission of chronic hepatitis C after a 12-month course of alfa interferonArticuloCamps, J. (J.); Garcia-Granero, M. (Marta); Riezu-Boj, J.I. (José Ignacio), et al
1993Ribavirin in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C unresponsive to alfa interferonArticuloCamps, J. (J.); Garcia, N. (Nicolás); Riezu-Boj, J.I. (José Ignacio), et al
1993Prediction of the response of chronic hepatitis C to interferon alfa: a statistical analysis of pretreatment variablesArticuloCamps, J. (J.); Crisostomo, S. (S.); Garcia-Granero, M. (Marta), et al
2005Hepatitis C virus infection of primary tupaia hepatocytes leads to selection of quasispecies variants, induction of interferon-stimulated genes and NF-kappaB nuclear translocationArticuloGuitart, A. (Anunciata); Riezu-Boj, J.I. (José Ignacio); Elizalde, E. (Edurne), et al
1988Serological response to the outer membrane lipoprotein in animal brucellosisArticuloGomez-Miguel, M.J. (María J.); Moriyon, I. (Ignacio); Alonso-Urmeneta, B. (Begoña), et al
2002The woodchuck interferon-alpha system: Cloning, family description, and biologic activityArticuloBerraondo, P. (Pedro); Garcia-Navarro, R. (Raquel); Gonzalez-Aseguinolaza, G. (Gloria), et al
1989Comparative analyses of proteins extracted by hot saline or released spontaneously into outer membrane blebs from field strains of Brucella ovis and Brucella melitensisArticuloGamazo, C. (Carlos); Winter, A.J. (A. J.); Moriyon, I. (Ignacio), et al
2011Cardiotrophin-1 promotes a high survival rate in rabbits with lethal fulminant hepatitis of viral originArticuloTuñon, M.J. (María Jesús); San-Miguel, B. (Beatriz); Crespo, I. (Irene), et al
1986Comparison of lipopolysaccharide and outer membrane protein-lipopolysaccharide extracts in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the diagnosis of Brucella ovis infectionArticuloRiezu-Boj, J.I. (José Ignacio); Moriyon, I. (Ignacio); Blasco, J.M. (J. M.), et al
1990Antibody response to Brucella ovis outer membrane proteins in ovine brucellosisArticuloRiezu-Boj, J.I. (José Ignacio); Moriyon, I. (Ignacio); Blasco, J.M. (J. M.), et al
1992Hepatitis B and C viral infections in patients with hepatocellular carcinomaArticuloRuiz, J. (Juan); Sangro, B. (Bruno); Cuende, J.I. (J.I.), et al
1993Hepatic and extrahepatic HCV RNA strands in chronic hepatitis C: different patterns of response to interferon treatmentArticuloGil, B. (Beatriz); Qian, C. (Cheng); Riezu-Boj, J.I. (José Ignacio), et al
1992Detección del DNA del virus de la hepatitis B en suero mediante amplificación génica en pacientes con hepatitis crónica B y en pacientes con hepatitis crónica CArticuloJauregui, J.I. (Javier Ignacio); Civeira, M.P. (María Pilar); Serrano, M. (Manuel), et al
1990Virus herpes humano tipo 6 y síndrome de astenia crónicaArticuloCuende, J.I. (J.I.); Civeira, M.P. (María Pilar); Riezu-Boj, J.I. (José Ignacio), et al
2004Evolution of naturally occurring 5' non-translated region variants of hepatitis C virus genotype 1b in selectable repliconsArticuloVan-Leeuwen, H.C. (Hans C.); Reusken, C.B. (Chantal B.); Roeten, M. (Marko), et al
1992Detection of hepatitis C virus antibodies with new recombinant antigens: assessment in chronic liver diseasesArticuloRiezu-Boj, J.I. (José Ignacio); Parker, D. (D.); Civeira, M.P. (María Pilar), et al
2004IFN-alpha5 mediates stronger Tyk2-stat-dependent activation and higher expression of 2',5'-oligoadenylate synthetase than IFN-alpha2 in liver cellsArticuloLarrea, E. (Esther); Aldabe, R. (Rafael); Riezu-Boj, J.I. (José Ignacio), et al
2007Vaccine-induced early control of hepatitis C virus infection in chimpanzees fails to impact on hepatic PD-1 and chronicityArticuloRollier, C.S. (Christine S.); Paranhos-Baccala, G. (Glaucia); Verschoor, E.J. (Ernst J.), et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 42