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15-Apr-2024Valorization of cheese whey: closing the loop from protein extraction to whey protein film composting.ArticuloUribarrena, M. (Maialen); Rovira-Cal, E. (Eric); Urbina, L. (Leire); Suárez, M.J. (María José); Aymerich-Soler, E. (Enrique); Guerrero, P. (Pedro); De-la-Caba, K. (Koro); Etxabide, A. (Alaitz)
22-Jan-2024Anaerobic digestion of seven different sewage sludges: A biodegradability and modelling study.ArticuloAstals-García, S.(Sergi); Esteban-Gutierrez, M. (Myriam); Fernández-Arévalo, T.(Tamara); Aymerich-Soler, E. (Enrique); Garcia-de-las-Heras, J.L. (Jaime Luis); Mata-Alvarez, J. (Joan)
22-Jan-2024A new general methodology for incorporating physico-chemical transformations into multi-phase wastewater treatment process modelsArticuloLizarralde-Aguirrezabal, I. (Izaro); Fernández-Arévalo, T.(Tamara); Brouckaert, C. (Chris); Vanrolleghem, P. A. (Peter A.); Ikumi, D.S. (David S.); Ekama, G.A. (George A.); Ayesa-Iturrate, E. (Eduardo); Grau-Gumbau, P. (Paloma)
3-Oct-2023Struvite precipitation in wastewater treatment plants anaerobic digestion supernatants using a magnesium oxide by-productArticuloAguilar-Pozo, V.B. (V. B.); Chimenos, J.M. (J. M.); Elduayen-Echave, B. (Beñat); Olaciregui-Arizmendi, K. (K.); Lopez, A. (A.); Gómez, J. (J.); Guembe, M. (M.); García, I. (I.); Ayesa-Iturrate, E. (Eduardo); Astals-García, S.(Sergi)
2-Mar-2023New systematic methodology for incorporating dynamic heat transfer modelling in multi-phase biochemical reactorsArticuloFernández-Arévalo, T.(Tamara); Lizarralde-Aguirrezabal, I. (Izaro); Grau-Gumbau, P. (Paloma); Ayesa-Iturrate, E. (Eduardo)
22-Feb-2023A new plant-wide modelling methodology for WWTPsArticuloGrau-Gumbau, P. (Paloma); Gracia, M.(M.) de; Vanrolleghem, P.A. (P.A.) (NO USAR); Ayesa-Iturrate, E. (Eduardo)
24-Nov-2022Lean-green improvement opportunities for sustainable manufacturing using water telemetry in agri-food industry.ArticuloViles-Díez, E. (Elisabeth); Santos-García, J. (Javier); Muñoz-Villamizar, A. (Andres); Grau-Gumbau, P. (Paloma); Fernández-Arévalo, T.(Tamara)
24-Nov-2022Quantitative assessment of energy and resource recovery in wastewater treatment plants based on plant-wide simulations.ArticuloFernández-Arévalo, T.(Tamara); Lizarralde-Aguirrezabal, I. (Izaro); Fernández-Polanco, F. (F.); Pérez-Elvira, S.I. (S.I.); Puig, S. (Sebastián); Poch, M. (M.); Grau-Gumbau, P. (Paloma); Ayesa-Iturrate, E. (Eduardo)
1-Aug-2022Evaluation of the degradation of materials by exposure to germicide UV-C light through colorimetry, tensile strength and surface microstructure analysesArticuloMitxelena-Iribarren, O. (Oihane); Mondragon, B. (Beñat); Lorenzo, E.; Smerdou, C. (Cristian); Guillen-Grima, F. (Francisco); Sierra-García, J.E. (Jesús Enrique); Rodriguez-Merino, F. (Fernando); Arana-Alonso, S. (Sergio)
19-Jan-2022Strategies for the controlled integration of food SMEs’ highly polluted effluents into urban sanitation systemsArticuloGutierrez, M. (Monica); Etxebarria, S. (Susana); Revilla, M. (Marta); Ramos, S. (Saioa); Ciriza, A. (Alberto); Sancho, L. (Luis); Zufia, J. (Jaime)
25-Oct-2021Removal efficiency of nitrate, phosphate, fecal and total coliforms by horizontal subsurface flow-constructed wetland from domestic wastewaterArticuloKalankesh, L.R, (Laleh R.); Rodríguez-Couto, S. (Susana); Shahamat, Y.D. (Yousef Dadban); Asgarnia, H.A. (Hossein Ali)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 11 of 11