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23-May-2023Direct patterning of periodic semiconductor nanostructures using single-pulse nanosecond laser interferenceArticuloWang, Y.R. (Yun-Ran); Olaizola, S.M. (Santiago Miguel); Han, I.S. (Im Sik); Jin, C.Y. (Chao-Yuan); Hopkinson, M. (Mark)
17-May-2023TARTESSUS: A customized electrospun drug delivery system loaded with Irinotecan for Local and sustained chemotherapy release in pancreatic cancerArticuloCepeda-Franco, C. (Carmen); Mitxelena-Iribarren, O. (Oihane); Calero-Castro, F.J.(Francisco José); Astigarraga, M.(Malen); Laga, I. (Iman); Pereira, S. (Sheila); Arana-Alonso, S. (Sergio); Mujika-Garmendia, M. (Maite); Padillo-Ruiz, J. (Javier)
24-Apr-2023Grinding burn detection via magnetic barkhausen noise analysis independently of induction hardened depthArticuloGurruchaga-Echeverria, K. (Kizkitza); Lasaosa-Beguiristain, A. (Aitor); Artetxe, I. (Itsaso); Martínez-de-Guerenu, A. (Ane)
31-Mar-2023Study of the processing conditions for stainless steel additive manufacturing using femtosecond laserArticuloRamón-Conde, I. (Iñigo); Rodríguez-González, A. (Ainara); Olaizola-Izquierdo, S.M. (Santiago Miguel); Gómez-Aranzadi, M. (Mikel)
13-Feb-2023Information-Theoretic analysis of a family of improper discrete constellationsArticuloSantamaria, I. (Ignacio); Crespo, P.M. (Pedro M.); Lameiro, C. (Christian); Schreier, P.J. (Peter J.)
7-Feb-2023Power management unit for solar energy harvester assisted batteryless wireless sensor nodeArticuloLopez-Gasso, A. (Alberto); Beriain-Rodríguez, A. (Andoni); Solar-Ruiz, H. (Hector); Berenguer-Pérez, R.J. (Roque José)
7-Feb-2023Review of high power and high voltage electric motors for single-aisle regional aircraftRevisionAlvarez-Santos, P. (Pablo); Satrústegui-de-Legarra, M. (Marco); Elósegui-Simón, I. (Ibón); Martínez-Iturralde-Maiza, M. (Miguel)
6-Feb-2023Small Ultrasound-Based Corrosion Sensor for Intraday Corrosion Rate EstimationArticuloChathurani-Thibbotuwa, U.(Upeksha); Cortés-Vidal, A. (Ainhoa); Irizar-Picón, A. (Andoni)
19-Jan-2023Statistical modeling, simulation, and experimental verification of wideband indoor mobile radio channelsArticuloMa, Y. (Yuanyuan); Hogstad, B.O. (Bjorn Olav); Pätzold, M. (Matthias); Crespo, P.M. (Pedro M.)
9-Jan-2023A 21 m Operation Range RFID Tag for “Pick to Light” Applications with a Photovoltaic HarvesterArticuloAstigarraga, A. (Aingeru); Lopez-Gasso, A. (Alberto); Golpe, D. (Diego); Beriain, A. (Andoni); Solar, H. (Hector); Del-Rio-Orduña, D. (David); Berenguer-Pérez, R.J. (Roque José)
7-Dec-2022Gold-coated split laser-induced periodic surface structures as refractometric sensorsArticuloSan-Blas, A. (Alejandro); Elshorbagy, M.H. (Mahmoud); Olaizola, S.M. (Santiago Miguel); Sanchez-Brea, L.M. (Luis M.); Rodríguez-González, A. (Ainara); Del-Hoyo, J. (Jesús); Granados, E. (Eduardo); Soria-García, A. (Angela); Pastor-Villarubia, V. (Verónica); Alda, J. (Javier)
7-Dec-2022A 22-m Operation Range Semi-Passive UHF RFID Sensor Tag With Flexible Thermoelectric Energy HarvesterArticuloSolar-Ruiz, H. (Hector); Beriain-Rodríguez, A. (Andoni); Rezola-Garciandia, A. (Ainhoa); Del-Rio-Orduña, D. (David); Berenguer-Pérez, R.J. (Roque José)
7-Dec-2022Edge intelligence-based proposal for onboard catenary stagger amplitude diagnosisArticuloErrandonea, I. (Itxaro); Ciáurriz-Mañú, P. (Pablo); Alvarado Videira, U.(Unai); Beltran-Calaff, S. (Segio); Arrizabalaga-Juaristi, S. (Saioa)
7-Dec-2022A maturity model proposal for industrial maintenance and its application to the railway sectorArticuloErrandonea, I. (Itxaro); Alvarado Videira, U.(Unai); Beltran-Calaff, S. (Segio); Arrizabalaga-Juaristi, S. (Saioa)
12-Nov-2022Comparison of RNA-seq and microarray platforms for splice event detection using a cross-platform algorithmArticuloRomero, J.P. (Juan Pablo); Ortiz-Estévez, M. (Maria); Muniategui, A. (Ander); Carrancio, S. (Soraya); Miguel, F.J. (Fernando J.) de; Carazo-Melo, F.(Fernando); Montuenga-Badia, L.M. (Luis M.); Loos, R. (Remco); Pio, R. (Rubén); Trotter, M. (Matthew); Rubio, A. (Ángel)
27-Jun-2022Adaptation of the human gut microbiota metabolic network during the first year after birthArticuloFuertes, A. (Alvaro); Pérez-Burillo, S. (Sergio); Apaolaza-Emparanza, I.(Iñigo); Vallès, Y. (Yvonne); Francino, M.P. (M. Pilar); Rufián-Henares, J.Á. (Ángel José); Planes-Pedreño, F.J. (Francisco Javier)
31-May-2022Forecasting intra-hour solar photovoltaic energy by assembling wavelet based time-frequency analysis with deep learning neural networksArticuloRodríguez-Lalanne, F. (Fermín); Izal-Azcárate, I. (Íñigo); Vadillo, J. (Javier); Galarza-Rodríguez, A. (Ainhoa)
2-Mar-2022Integration of CLIP experiments of RNAbinding proteins: a novel approach to predict context-dependent splicing factors from transcriptomic dataArticuloCarazo-Melo, F.(Fernando); Gimeno-Combarro, M. (Marian); Ferrer-Bonsoms, J.A. (Juan A.); Rubio, A. (Ángel)
2-Mar-2022TranscriptAchilles: a genome-wide platform to predict isoform biomarkers of gene essentiality in cancerArticuloCarazo-Melo, F.(Fernando); Campuzano, L. (Lucía); Cendoya-Garmendia, X. (Xabier); Planes-Pedreño, F.J. (Francisco Javier); Rubio, A. (Ángel)
12-Jan-2022Homomorphic encryption and network coding in IoT architectures: Advantages and future challengesArticuloPeralta, G. (Goiuri); Cid-Fuentes, R.G. (Raul G); Bilbao, J. (Josu); Crespo-Bofil, P. (Pedro)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24