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16-May-2024Design of helical winding for slotless partially superconducting electric machines for aircraft propulsionArticuloAlvarez-Santos, P. (Pablo); Paredes-Puente, J. (Jesús); Satrústegui-de-Legarra, M. (Marco); Martínez-Iturralde-Maiza, M. (Miguel)
16-May-2024Novel classification method to predict the accuracy of UWB ranging estimatesArticuloArsuaga, M. (Meritxell); Ochoa-de-Eribe-Landaberea, A. (Aitor); Zamora-Cardenas, L. (Leticia); Arrizabalaga-Juaristi, S. (Saioa); Velez-Isasmendi, I. (Igone)
16-Apr-2024Bessel beams as a versatile tool to generate embedded devices in optical glassesArticuloFantova-Sarasa, J. (Jorge); Rodríguez-González, A. (Ainara); Del-Hoyo, J. (Jesús); Garcia-Mandayo, G. (Gemma); Olaizola-Izquierdo, S.M. (Santiago Miguel)
8-Feb-2024TARTESSUS: A Customized Electrospun Drug Delivery System Loaded with Irinotecan for Local and Sustained Chemotherapy Release in Pancreatic CancerArticuloCepeda-Franco, C. (Carmen); Mitxelena-Iribarren, O. (Oihane); Calero-Castro, F.J.(Francisco José); Astigarraga, M.(Malen); Castillo-Tuñon, J.M.(Juan Manuel); Laga, I. (Iman); Pereira, S. (Sheila); Arana-Alonso, S. (Sergio); Mujika-Garmendia, M. (Maite); Padillo-Ruiz, J. (Javier)
6-Feb-2024Chipless wireless sensor coupled with nachine learning for oil temperature monitoring.ArticuloEstevez, A. (Ailyn); Sokoudjou, J.F. (Junior Fodop); Sancho-Seuma, J.I. (Juan Ignacio); Valderas Gazquez, D.(Daniel)
6-Feb-2024SDR-based monostatic Chipless RFID Reader with Vector Background Subtraction CapabilitiesArticuloVilla-González, F. (Fátima); Rezola-Garciandia, A. (Ainhoa); Del-Rio-Orduña, D. (David); Bhattcharyya, R. (Rahul); Valderas Gazquez, D.(Daniel)
6-Feb-2024Time–temperature excursion monitoring using chipless RFID tags and organic oils.-Valderas Gazquez, D.(Daniel); Villa-González, F. (Fátima); Bhattcharyya, R. (Rahul); Sarma, S. (Sanjay)
6-Feb-2024Topology analysis of wireless power transfer systems manufactured via inkjet printing technologyArticuloOrtego-Isasa, I. (Iñaki); Benli, K. (Kami); Casado, F. (Félix); Sancho-Seuma, J.I. (Juan Ignacio); Valderas Gazquez, D.(Daniel)
6-Feb-2024Modelling Eddy Current Brake emissions for electromagnetic compatibility with signaling devices in high speed railwaysArticuloValderas Gazquez, D.(Daniel); Mesa, I. (Iker); Adin-Marcos, I.(Iñigo); Lehmann, H. (Henry); Lancaster, G. (Gavin); Stark, O.(Oliver); Baldauf, W. (Wilhelm); Del Portillo San Miguel, J.(Jon)
5-Feb-2024Nondestructive characterization of recovery and recrystallization in cold rolled low carbon steel by magnetic hysteresis loopsArticuloMartínez-de-Guerenu, A. (Ane); Gurruchaga-Echeverria, K. (Kizkitza); Arizti, F. (Fernando)
5-Feb-2024A completely configurable digital system for simultaneous measurements of hysteresis loops and barkhausen noiseArticuloSoto, M. (Miguel); Martínez-de-Guerenu, A. (Ane); Gurruchaga-Echeverria, K. (Kizkitza); Arizti, F. (Fernando)
5-Feb-2024Magnetic Barkhausen noise for characterization of recovery and recrystallization.ArticuloGurruchaga-Echeverria, K. (Kizkitza); Martínez-de-Guerenu, A. (Ane); Soto, M. (Miguel); Arizti, F. (Fernando)
5-Feb-2024Sensitiveness of magnetic inductive parameters for the characterization of recovery and recrystallization in cold-rolled low-carbon steelArticuloGurruchaga-Echeverria, K. (Kizkitza); Martínez-de-Guerenu, A. (Ane); Gutierrez-Sanz, I. (Isabel)
2-Feb-2024Induction hardened layer characterization and grinding burn detection by magnetic Barkhausen noise analysisArticuloLasaosa-Beguiristain, A. (Aitor); Gurruchaga-Echeverria, K. (Kizkitza); Arizti, F. (Fernando); Martínez-de-Guerenu, A. (Ane)
2-Feb-2024Quantitative estimation of nonmonotonic residual stress depth-profiles using an extended Kypris-Jiles model of the magnetic Barkhausen noise spectrumArticuloLasaosa-Beguiristain, A. (Aitor); Gurruchaga-Echeverria, K. (Kizkitza); Arizti, F. (Fernando); Martínez-de-Guerenu, A. (Ane)
2-Feb-2024Modeling the impact on wheel sensor readouts by Eddy Current Brakes installed in high-speed trainsArticuloValderas Gazquez, D.(Daniel); Sancho-Seuma, J.I. (Juan Ignacio); Benli, K. (Kami); Lancaster, G. (Gavin); Gurruchaga-Echeverria, K. (Kizkitza); Stark, O.(Oliver); Baldauf, W. (Wilhelm); Del Portillo San Miguel, J.(Jon)
16-Jan-2024Alarm collector in smart train based on ethereum blockchain events-log.ArticuloFigueroa-Lorenzo, S. (Santiago); Goya Odriozola, J. (Jon); Añorga-Benito, J.(Javier); Adin-Marcos, I.(Iñigo); Mendizabal-Samper, J. (Jaizki); Arrizabalaga-Juaristi, S. (Saioa)
16-Jan-20245G Performance measurements in mobility for the bus transportation system in an urban environment.ArticuloFernández-Berrueta, N. (Nerea); Figueroa-Lorenzo, S. (Santiago); Bustamante, P. (Paul); Arrizabalaga-Juaristi, S. (Saioa); Velez-Isasmendi, I. (Igone)
11-Jan-2024Residual based fault detection and exclusion methods applied to Ultra-Wideband navigation.ArticuloZabalegui-Landa, P. (Paul); de-Miguel, G. (Gorka); Goya Odriozola, J. (Jon); Moya, I. (Iker); Mendizabal-Samper, J. (Jaizki); Adin-Marcos, I.(Iñigo)
10-Jan-2024Map-aided software enhancement for autonomous GNSS complementary positioning system for railwayArticuloDe Miguel-Aramburu, G.(Gorka); Goya, J. (Jon); Fernandez-Ros, N. (Nerea); Arrizabalaga-Juaristi, S. (Saioa); Mendizabal-Samper, J. (Jaizki); Adin-Marcos, I.(Iñigo)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 50