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2019Root ABA and H+-ATPase are key players in the root and shoot growth-promoting action of humic acidsArticuloOlaetxea-Indaburu, M. (Maite); Mora, V. (Verónica); Bacaicoa, E. (Eva), et al
2019Local root ABA/cytokinin status and aquaporins regulate poplar responses to mild drought stress independently of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Laccaria bicolorArticuloCalvo-Polanco, M. (Mónica); Armada, E. (Elisabeth); Zamarreño, A.M. (Angel Maria), et al
2020Alternative polyadenylation and salicylic acid modulate root responses to low nitrogen availabilityArticuloConesa, C.M. (Carlos M.); Saez, Á. (Ángela); Navarro-Neila, S. (Sara), et al
2020Dissimilar esponses of ancient grapevines recovered in Navarra (Spain) to arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in terms of berry qualityArticuloAntolin-Bellver, M.C. (M. Carmen); Izurdiaga, D. (David); Urmeneta, L. (Leyre), et al
2019La educación moral ante el reto de la sostenibilidadArticuloCasas-Jerico, M. (Maria); Villarroya-Ballarín, A. (Ana); Puig-i-Baguer, J. (Jordi)
2020Vegetation pattern modulates ground arthropod diversity in semi-arid Mediterranean steppesArticuloBautista, S. (Susana); Moraza-Zorrilla, M. L. (Maria Lourdes); Zaragoza, J.A. (Juan A.), et al
2019Effect of water stress during grain filling on yield, quality and physiological traits of illpa and rainbow quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) cultivarsArticuloMorales, F. (Fermin); Aranjuelo, I. (Iker); Garcia-Mina, J.M. (Jose María), et al
2019Both chemical and crystalline phase configuration influence the molecular features of humic acids in humic-calcium-phosphates fertilizersArticuloBaigorri, R. (Roberto); Erro-Garces, J. (Javier); Urrutia-Sagardia, O. (Óscar), et al
2019Ethylene and phloem signals are involved in the regulation of responses to Fe and P deficiencies in roots of strategy I plantsArticuloRomera, F.J. (Francisco J.); Smith, A.P. (Aaron P.); Garcia-Mina, J.M. (Jose María), et al
2019Research applications of primary biodiversity databases in the digital ageArticuloGuralnick, R.P. (Robert P.); Ariño-Plana, A.H. (Arturo Hugo); LaFrance, R. (Raphael ), et al
2019Taxonomic and functional responses of benthic macroinvertebrate communities to hydrological and water quality variations in a heavily regulated riverArticuloGuareschi, S. (Simone); Racchetti, E. (Erica); Cancellario, T. (Tommaso), et al
2019A new species of Reticulolaelaps Costa (Mesostigmata: Laelapidae) from the iberian peninsula, with a key to world speciesArticuloMoraza, M.L. (Maria Lourdes)
2019Aminoacids and flavonoids profiling in tempranillo berries can be modulated by the arbuscular mychorrhizal fungiArticuloGoicoechea, N. (Nieves); Antolin-Bellver, M.C. (M. Carmen); Hilbert, G. (Ghislaine), et al
2019Investment in the long-tail of biodiversity data: from local research to global knowledgeOtrosAriño-Plana, A.H. (Arturo Hugo); Valerio-Galán, M. (Mercedes); Rodeles, A.A. (Amaia A.), et al
2019Game of tops: trends in GBIFs community of usersOtrosAriño-Plana, A.H. (Arturo Hugo); Galicia-Paredes, D. (David); Escribano-Compains, N. (Nora)
2019From expert to data-driven biodiversity knowledge: assessing ecosystem irreplaceability with IUCN red list data for freshwater fishOtrosMiranda-Ferreiro, R. (Rafael); Ariño-Plana, A.H. (Arturo Hugo); Miqueleiz-Legaz, I. (Imanol)
2019A simple and a reliable method to quantify antioxidant activity in vitroArticuloVizmanos-Pérez, J.L. (José Luis); Calvo, M.I. (María Isabel); Torre, M.P. (María Pilar) de, et al
2017Grapevine nutritional status and K concentration of must under future expected climatic conditions texturally different soilsArticuloLeibar, U. (Urtzi); Pascual-Elizalde, I. (Inmaculada); Aizpurua, A. (Ana), et al
2019El estudio del paisaje en la Educación Secundaria Obligatoria: una mirada desde los libros de texto de ciencias socialesArticuloCasas-Jericó, M. (María); Puig-i-Baguer, J. (Jordi); Erneta-Altarriba, L. (Luis)
2018New records of soil mites (Acari) from citrus orchards of TunisiaArticuloBelaam-Kort, I. (Imen); Moraza-Zorrilla, M. L. (Maria Lourdes); Boulahia- Kheder, S. (Synda)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 86