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22-Apr-2024Supramolecular arrangement of lignosulfonate-based iron heteromolecular complexes and consequences of their Interaction with Ca2+ at alkaline pH and fe plant root uptake mechanismsArticuloFuentes, M. (Marta); Bosch, G. (German); Hita-Mejía, D. (David) de; Olaetxea-Indaburu, M. (Maite); Erro, J. (Javier); Zamarreño, A.M. (Angel Maria); García-Mina, J.M. (José María)
26-Mar-2024Bunch transpiration is involved in the hastening of grape berry ripening under elevated temperature and low relative humidity conditionsArticuloCabodevilla, A. (Andrea); Morales, F. (Fermin); Pascual, I. (Inmaculada)
9-Feb-2024CFD modelling of air quality in Pamplona City (Spain): Assessment, stations spatial representativeness and health impacts valuationArticuloRivas, E. (Esther); Santiago, J.L. (José Luis); Lechón, Y. (Yolanda); Martín, F. (Fernando); Ariño-Plana, A.H. (Arturo Hugo); Pons-Izquierdo, J.J. (Juan José); Santamaria-Ulecia, J.M. (Jesús Miguel)
9-Feb-2024Mountains as barriers to gene flow in amphibians: Quantifying the differential effect of a major mountain ridge on the genetic structure of four sympatric species with different life history traitsArticuloSánchez-Montes, G. (Gregorio); Wang, J. (Jinliang); Ariño-Plana, A.H. (Arturo Hugo); Martínez-Solano, I. (Íñigo)
7-Feb-2024Long-term monitoring on a new channelized stream section: changes in mesohabitat, composition, and size structure of fish assemblagesArticuloMiranda, R. (Rafael); Bartrons, M. (Mireia); Brucet, S. (Sandra); Benejam, Ll. (Lluís)
9-Jan-2024Terrestrial gamma radiation dose rate in Cienfuegos, CubaArticuloAlonso-Hernández, C. M. (Carlos Manuel); Morera-Gómez, Y. (Yasser); Acosta-Milián, R. (R.); Sánchez-Llul, M. (M.); Cartas-Aguila, H.A. (Héctor A.); Diaz-Asencio, M. (Misael); Muñoz-Caravaca, A. (A.)
9-Jan-2024Naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) in ashes from a fuel-oil power plant in Cienfuegos, Cuba, and the associated radiation hazardsArticuloAlonso-Hernández, C. M. (Carlos Manuel); Bernal-Castillo, J.L. (José L.); Morera-Gómez, Y. (Yasser); Guillén-Arruebarrena, A. (Aniel); Cartas-Aguila, H.A. (Héctor A.); Acosta-Milián, R. (R.)
9-Jan-2024Observations of fallout from the Fukushima reactor accident in Cienfuegos, CubaArticuloAlonso-Hernández, C. M. (Carlos Manuel); Guillén-Arruebarruena, A. (Aniel); Cartas-Aguila, H.A. (Héctor A.); Morera-Gómez, Y. (Yasser); Diaz-Asencio, M. (Misael)
9-Jan-2024Atmospheric deposition patterns of 210Pb and 7 Be in Cienfuegos, CubaArticuloAlonso-Hernández, C. M. (Carlos Manuel); Morera-Gómez, Y. (Yasser); Cartas-Aguila, H.A. (Héctor A.); Guillén-Arruebarrena, A. (Aniel)
9-Jan-2024Tracing organic matter sources in a tropical lagoon of the Caribbean SeaArticuloAlonso-Hernández, C. M. (Carlos Manuel); Garcia-Moya, A. (Alejandro); Tolosa, I. (Imma); Diaz-Asencio, M. (Misael); Corcho-Alvarado, J.A. (Jose Antonio); Morera-Gómez, Y. (Yasser); Fanelli, E. (Emanuela)
9-Jan-2024Application of the Monte Carlo efficiency transfer method to an HPGe detector with the purpose of environmental samples measurementArticuloMorera-Gómez, Y. (Yasser); Cartas-Aguila, H.A. (Héctor A.); Alonso-Hernández, C. M. (Carlos Manuel); Bernal-Castillo, J.L. (José L.); Guillén-Arruebarrena, A. (Aniel)
19-Dec-2023Size spectra and other size-related variables of river fish communities: systematic changes along the altitudinal gradient on pristine Andean streamsArticuloBenejam, Ll. (Lluís); Tobes, I. (Ibon); Brucet, S. (Sandra); Miranda, R. (Rafael)
18-Dec-2023Development of agricultural bio-inoculants based on mycorrhizal fungi and endophytic filamentous fungi: Co-inoculants for improve plant-physiological responses in sustainable agricultureArticuloDíaz-Urbano, M. (María); Goicoechea, N. (Nieves); Velasco, P. (Pablo); Poveda, J. (Jorge)
18-Dec-2023Mycorrhizal symbiosis improve fruit quality in Tempranillo grapevine sensitive to low-moderate warmingArticuloGoicoechea, N. (Nieves); Torres, N. (Nazareth); Garmendia, I. (Idoia); Hilbert, G. (Ghislaine); Antolin-Bellver, M.C. (M. Carmen)
11-Dec-2023The role of zoos and aquariums in a changing worldArticuloMiranda, R. (Rafael); Escribano, N. (Nora); Casas, M. (María); Pino-del-Carpio, A. (Andrea); Villarroya-Ballarín, A. (Ana)
30-Nov-2023Assessment gaps and biases in knowledge of conservation status of fishesArticuloMiqueleiz-Legaz, I. (Imanol); Bohm, M. (Monika); Ariño-Plana, A.H. (Arturo Hugo); Miranda, R. (Rafael)
21-Nov-2023Source–Sink manipulations have major implications for grapevine berry and wine flavonoids and aromas that go beyond the changes in berry sugar accumulationArticuloMartinez-Lüscher, J.D. (Johann David); Kaan-Kurtural, S. (Sahap)
21-Nov-2023Root silicon addition induces fe deficiency in cucumber plants, but facilitates their recovery after fe resupply. A comparison with si foliar spraysArticuloHernández-Apaolaza, L. (Lourdes); Escribano, L. (Laura); Zamarreño, A.M. (Angel Maria); García-Mina, J.M. (José María); Cano, C. (Carlos); Carrasco-Gil, S. (Sandra)
7-Nov-2023Spatial priorities for freshwater fish conservation in relation to protected areasArticuloMiqueleiz-Legaz, I. (Imanol); Ariño-Plana, A.H. (Arturo Hugo); Miranda, R. (Rafael)
20-Sep-2023MgO-mediated activation of active carbon as an affordable strategy to “in situ” degradation of lindane in contaminated soilsArticuloErro-Garces, J. (Javier); Martínez-Pérez, J.M. (José Manuel); Guembe-Contreras, M. (Maitane); Márquez, R. (Raúl); García-Mina, J.M. (José María)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 193