Obtaining of repair lime mortars by mixing aerial lime and nanosilica
Water demand
Compressive strength
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University of the West of Scotland
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The chapter appears in the URL: https://invenio.itam.cas.cz/record/2354?ln=en
Navarro-Blasco I, Duran-Benito A, Fernandez-Alvarez JM, Sirera-Bejarano R, Lanas J, Alvarez-Galindo JI. Obtaining of repair lime mortars by mixing aerial lime and nanosilica. In: Proceedings of the 3rd Historic Mortars Conference HMC13, Glasgow, 11-14.09.2013. Glasgow: University of the West of Scotland. https://invenio.itam.cas.cz/record/2354?ln=en
This work deals with the effect of the nanosilica addition on the performance of aerial lime mortars. Several lime mortars were prepared and modified upon the addition of 3, 6, 10 and 20 wt.% of nanosilica. The presence of nanosilica increased the water demand of the fresh mixtures and reduced the appearance of superficial cracks after the spreading of the mortars onto a porous stone. Setting time underwent a delay when the amount of nanosilica ranged from 3 to 10 wt.%. However, samples with 20 wt.% of nanosilica showed a shortened setting time compared to plain lime mortars. Nanosilica reacted with Ca(OH)2 particles, yielding C-S-H compounds and, acting as a nanofiller, nanosilica also caused a pore blockage in the mesoporous range. These facts resulted in an increase in both compressive strength and durability after undergoing freezing-thawing processes. Overall, the addition of nanosilica clearly improves several characteristics of the aerial lime mortars in order to prepare enhanced mixtures to be used for restoration works.

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