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21-Nov-2023Measuring Persistence in the US Equity Gender Diversity IndexArticuloInfante, J. (Juan); Río, M. (Marta) del; Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.)
27-Sep-2023Energy prices in Europe. Evidence of persistence across marketsArticuloMartin-Valmayor, M. (Miguel); Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Infante-Infante, J. (Juan)
25-Apr-2023Temperature and precipitation in the US states: long memory, persistence, and time trendArticuloGil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Gupta, R. (Rangan); Sauci, L. (L.); Carmona-González, N. (Nieves)
21-Apr-2023Neuroanatomical and psychological considerations in temporal lobe epilepsyRevisionDe-Felipe, J. (Javier); De-Felipe-Oroquieta, J. (Jesús); Furcila, D. (Diana); Muñoz, M. (Mar); Maestú, F. (Fernando); Sola, R.G. (Rafael G.); Blázquez-Llorca, L. (Lidia); Armañanzas-Arnedillo, R. (Ruben); Kastanaskaute, A. (Asta); Alonso-Nanclares, L. (Lidia); Rockland, K.S. (Kathleen S.); Arellano, J. (Jon)
18-Apr-2023Optimal designs for Antoine's Equation: compound criteria and multi-objective designs via genetic algorithmsArticuloCalle-Arroyo, C. (Carlos) de la; González-Fernández, M.A. (Miguel Ángel); Rodríguez-Aragón, L.J. (Licesio J.)
17-Oct-2022Optimal experimental design for cytogenetic dose-response calibration curvesArticuloHigueras, M. (Manuel); Howes, A. (Adam); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús)
5-Aug-2022TAaCGH Suite for detecting cancer - specific copy number changes using topological signaturesArticuloAslam, J. (Jai); Ardanza-Trevijano, S. (Sergio); Xiong, J. (Jingwei); Arsuaga, J. (Javier); Sazdanovic, R. (Radmila)
4-Aug-2022Identifying degrees of deprivation from space using deep learning and morphological spatial analysis of deprived urban areasArticuloAbascal, Á. (Ángela); Rodríguez-Carreño, I. (Ignacio); Vanhuysse, S. (Sabine); Georganos, S. (Stefanos); Sliuzas, R. (Richard); Wolff, E. (Eléonore); Kuffer, M. (Monika)
29-Jun-2022An interactive framework for the detection of ictal and interictal activities: cross-species and stand-alone implementationArticuloBesne, G. (Guillermo); Horrillo-Maysonnial, A. (Alejandro); Nicolas, M.J. (María Jesús); Capell-Pascual, F. (Ferran); Urrestarazu, E. (Elena); Artieda, J. (Julio); Valencia, M. (Miguel)
12-Apr-2022Evaluation of thermal comfort and building form attributes in different semi-outdoor environments in a high-density tropical settingArticuloGamero-Salinas, J. (Juan); Kishnani, N. (Nirmal); Monge-Barrio, A. (Aurora); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Sánchez-Ostiz, A. (Ana)
6-Apr-2022Passive cooling design strategies as adaptation measures for lowering the indoor overheating risk in tropical climatesArticuloGamero-Salinas, J. (Juan); Monge-Barrio, A. (Aurora); Kishnani, N. (Nirmal); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Sánchez-Ostiz, A. (Ana)
11-Feb-2022Structural empirical model of personal positive youth development, parenting, and school climateArticuloBalaguer-Estaña, A.J. (Álvaro J.); Benítez-Sastoque, E.R. (Edgar Ricardo); Fuente-Arias, J. (Jesús) de la; Osorio, A. (Alfonso)
11-Jan-2022Uncertainy’s indices assessment for calibrated energy modelsArticuloGutiérrez-González, V. (Vicente); Álvarez-Colmenares, L. (Lissette); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Ramos-Ruiz, G. (Germán); Fernández-Bandera, C. (Carlos)
6-Aug-2020Cross-sectional survey of the wish to die among palliative patients in Spain: one phenomenon, different experiencesArticuloBelar, A. (Alazne); Arantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María); Santesteban, Y. (Yolanda); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Martínez, M. (Marina); Lama, M. (Marcos); Rullán, M. (María); Olza-Moreno, I. (Inés); Breeze, R. (Ruth); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
29-Jul-2020Optimal dose calibration in radiotherapyArticuloLópez-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Amo-Salas, M. (Mariano)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15