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9-Aug-2021Social representation of palliative care in the Spanish printed media: A qualitative analysisArticuloCarrasco-Gimeno, J.M. (José Miguel); Gómez-Baceiredo, B. (Beatriz); Navas, A. (Alejandro); Krawczyk, M. (Marian); García-Munárriz, M. (Miriam); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
6-Aug-2021Interdisciplinary discussions on palliative care among university students in Spain: giving voice to the social debateArticuloReigada, C. (Carla); Hermida-Romero, S. (Santiago); Sandgren, A. (Anna); Gómez-Baceiredo, B. (Beatriz); Olza-Moreno, I. (Inés); Navas, A. (Alejandro); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
20-May-2021Palliative care professionals’ message to others: an ethnographic approachArticuloReigada, C. (Carla); Centeno, C. (Carlos); Gonçalves, E. (Edna); Arantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María)
24-Feb-2021How to measure the effects and potential adverse events of palliative sedation? An integrative reviewArticuloBelar, A. (Alazne); Arantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María); Payne, S. (Sheila); Preston, N. (Nancy); Rijpstra, M. (Maaike); Hasselaar, J. (Jeroen); Radbruch, L. (Lukas); Vanderelst, M. (Michael); Ling, J. (Julie); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
22-Feb-2021Insight and inner peace in palliative care professionals after an art-therapy workshop focused on personal self-care. A preliminary experienceArticuloArantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María); Sapeta, P. (Paula); Collete, N. (Nadia); Baños-Sesma, A. (Ana); Torres-Pérez-Solero, M.T. (María Teresa); Echarri-Iribarren, F. (Fernando); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
30-Sep-2020Mapping pediatric palliative care development in the WHO-European Region: children living in low-middle income countries are less likely to access itArticuloArias-Casais, N. (Natalia); Garralda, E. (Eduardo); Pons-Izquierdo, J.J. (Juan José); Marston, J. (Joan); Chambers, L. (Lizzie); Downing, J. (Julia); Ling, J. (Julie); Rhee, J.Y. (John Y.); Lima, L. (Liliana) de; Centeno, C. (Carlos)
6-Aug-2020Global development of children’s palliative care: the picture in 2017ArticuloClelland, D. (David); Steijn, D. (Danny) van; Macdonald, M.E. (Mary Ellen); Connor, S. (Stephen); Centeno, C. (Carlos); Clark, D. (David)
6-Aug-2020Cross-sectional survey of the wish to die among palliative patients in Spain: one phenomenon, different experiencesArticuloBelar, A. (Alazne); Arantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María); Santesteban, Y. (Yolanda); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Martínez, M. (Marina); Lama, M. (Marcos); Rullán, M. (María); Olza-Moreno, I. (Inés); Breeze, R. (Ruth); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
31-Jul-2020Recalibrating the ‘world map’ of palliative care developmentArticuloBaur, N. (Nicole); Centeno, C. (Carlos); Garralda, E. (Eduardo); Connor, S. (Stephen); Clark, D. (David)
30-Jul-2020Mapping levels of Palliative Care development in 198 Countries: the situation in 2017ArticuloClark, D. (David); Baur, N. (Nicole); Clelland, D. (David); Garralda, E. (Eduardo); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Connor, S. (Stephen); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
25-Jun-2020Palliative care in its own discourse: a focused ethnography of professional messaging in palliative careArticuloReigada, C. (Carla); Arantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
25-Jun-2020Trends analysis of specialized palliative care services in 51 countries of the WHO European region in the last 14 yearsArticuloArias-Casais, N. (Natalia); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Garralda, E. (Eduardo); Pons-Izquierdo, J.J. (Juan José); Rhee, J.Y. (John Y.); Radbruch, L. (Lukas); Lima, L. (Liliana) de; Centeno, C. (Carlos)
3-Apr-2020Understanding illnesses through a film festival: an observational studyArticuloReigada, C. (Carla); Martín-Utrilla, S. (Salvador); Pérez-Ros, P. (Pilar); Centeno, C. (Carlos); Sandgren, A. (Anna); Gómez-Baceiredo, B. (Beatriz)
27-Feb-2020Proactive and systematic multidimensional needs assessment in patients with advanced cancer approaching palliative care: a study protocolArticuloPergolizzi, D. (Denise); Crespo, I. (Iris); Balaguer, A. (Albert); Monforte-Royo, C. (Cristina); Alonso-Babarro, A. (Alberto); Arantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María); Belar, A. (Alazne); Centeno, C. (Carlos); Goni-Fuste, B. (Blanca); Julià-Torras, J. (Joaquim); Martínez, M. (Marina); Mateo-Ortega, D. (Dolors); May, L. (Luis); Moreno-Alonso, D. (Deborah); Nabal, M. (María); Noguera, A. (Antonio); Pascual, A. (Antonio); Pérez-Bret, E. (Encarnación); Rocafort, J. (Javier); Rodríguez-Prat, A. (Andrea)
22-Jan-2020Student's Inventory of Professionalism (SIP): A tool to assess attitudes towards professional development based on palliative care undergraduate educationArticuloNoguera, A. (Antonio); Arantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Gea, A. (Alfredo); Acitores, A. (Alberto); Arbea, L. (Leire); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
10-Jun-2019People with advanced cancer: the process of living well with awareness of dyingArticuloArantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María); García-Rueda, N. (Noelia); Carvajal, A. (Ana); Robinson, C. (Carole)
2-May-2019The significance of gratitude for palliative care professionals: a mixed method protocolArticuloAparicio, M. (María); Centeno, C. (Carlos); Arantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María)
21-Dec-2018White paper for global Palliative Care advocacy: recommendations from a PAL-LIFE expert advisory Group of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Vatican CityArticuloCenteno, C. (Carlos); Sitte, T. (T.); Lima, L. (Liliana) de; Alsirafy, S. (S.); Bruera, E. (E.); Callaway, M. (M.); Foley, K. (K.); Luyirika, E. (Emmanuel); Mosoiu, D. (D.); Pettus, K. (K.); Puchalski, C. (C.); Rajagopal, M.R. (M. R.); Yong, J. (J.); Garralda, E. (Eduardo); Rhee, J.Y. (John Y.); Comoretto, N. (Nunciata)
19-Jul-2018An analysis of palliative care development in Africa: a ranking based on region-specific macro-indicatorsArticuloRhee, J.Y. (John Y.); Garralda, E. (Eduardo); Namisango, E. (Eve); Luyirika, E. (Emmanuel); Lima, L. (Liliana) de; Powell, R.A. (Richard A.); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
6-Jun-2018Integración de los principios de cuidados paliativos en cuidados intensivosArticuloGirbau-Campo, M.B. (Mª Begoña); Monedero, P. (Pablo); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 44