Modified belief propagation decoders applied to non-CSS QLDGM codes.
Modified BP decoders
QLDGM codes
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Servicio de Publicaciones. Universidad de Navarra
AIZPURUA ALTUNA, Borja. "Modified belief propagation decoders applied to non-CSS QLDGM codes." Crespo, P. (dir.) Trabajo Fin de Grado. Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, 2021
Quantum technology is becoming increasingly popular, and big companies are starting to invest huge amounts of money to ensure they do not get left behind in this technological race. Presently, qubits and operational quantum channels may be thought of as far-fetched ideas, but in the future, quantum computing will be of critical importance. In this project, it is provided a concise overview of the basics of coding theory and how they can be used in the design of quantum computers. Specifically, Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes are focused, as they can be integrated within the stabilizer construction to build effective quantum codes. Following this, it is introduced the specifics of the quantum paradigm and present the most common family of quantum codes: stabilizer codes. Finally, it is explained the codes that have been used in this project, discussing what type of code they are and how they are designed. In this last section, it is also presented the ultimate goal of the project: using modified belief propagation decoders that had previously been tested for QLDPCs, for the proposed non-CSS QLDGM codes of this project.

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