DA - TECNUN - Tesis doctorales : [142]

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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
21-Oct-2021Towards decentralized and scalable architectures for access control systems for IIoT scenarios.TesisFigueroa-Lorenzo, S. (Santiago)
5-Oct-2021Cyber Resilience Operationalization Framework (CR-OF) for SMEsTesisCarías-Alvarez, J.F. (Juan Francisco)
5-Oct-2021Microfluidic platforms for the validation of new targeted therapies for personalised medicine against osteosarcoma.TesisMitxelena-Iribarren, O. (Oihane)
13-Jul-2021Rate compatible joint source-channel coding for point-to-point and multiple access channels.TesisGranada-Echeverria, I. (Imanol)
26-May-2021Propuesta de adaptación del sistema de producción de serie a régimen a la fase de escalada de producción de un nuevo modelo en el sector de automociónTesisBultó-López, R. (Ramón)
13-Jan-2021Thermodynamic and experimental investigation of the Mn-Ni-B system as a master alloy for obtaining high-performance PM steel.TesisRodriguez-Sebastián, Juan Carlos
13-Jan-2021Flexible framework to model indutry 4.0 tasks for process-oriented virtual simulators involving automation and smart robots.TesisOttogalli-Fernández, K.A. (Kiara Alexandra)
4-Jan-2021New mass-based population balance model including shear rate effects: Application to struvite recovery.TesisElduayen-Echave, B. (Beñat)
21-Oct-2020Cancerous and Non-Cancerous Lung Extracellular Matrix: from a microstructure-mechanical property study to the development of a 3D Platform to unravel Cell-ECM interactions.TesisSantiago-Behobide, M. (Mikel)
8-Oct-2020Development of a low cost wearable prevention system for MSDs using IMU systems and electrically conductive materials via additive manufacturiing.TesisCao, C. (Chuan)
29-Sep-2020Microalgae-based wastewater treatment processes: Implementation in acuaculture sector and WWTP.TesisTejido-Núñez, Y. (Yaiza)
29-Sep-2020Improving the pipeline of an optical metrology system.TesisMoru, D.K. (Desmond Kehinde)
29-Sep-2020Novel amorphous and nanocrystalline Fe-based soft magnetic powders produced by gas atomisation.TesisAlvarez-Chavez, K.L.(Kenny Lynn)
24-Sep-2020Multi-sensor fusion for seamless navigation in railway domain.TesisDe Miguel-Aramburu, G.(Gorka)
30-Jan-2020Novel Constrain-Based Modeling approaches for the identification of metabolic drug targets in cancer.TesisApaolaza-Emparanza, I.(Iñigo)
20-Nov-2019Monocular visual perception techniques for augmented reality and mobile robotics applications in industryTesisZubizarreta-Gorostidi, J.(Jon)
6-Nov-2019Comprehensive behavioural model for an electronic amplifier used in an optical communications systemsTFMFuentes-Ugartemendia, P. (Patricio)
18-Jul-2019Production and recovery of valuable bioproducts through anerobic fermentation of organic waste.TesisGarcía-Aguirre, J. (Jon)
17-Jul-2019Development of a processing route based on the hot isostatic pressing (HIP) of inconel (R) 718 gas atomised powders for the optimisation of its mechanical propertiesTesisCortés-Cameros, J. (Javier)
17-Jul-2019Análisis de viabilidad y desarrollo de metodología para la aplicación de métodos de identificación de subespacios al análisis modal de vehículos ferroviarios en circulaciónTesisErviti-Calvo, L.M. (Lara Maria)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 142