Living in digital space: Everyday life on Twitter
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Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Navarra
Özbaş-Anbarlı, Z. (Züleyha). "Living in digital space: Everyday life on Twitter". Communication & Society. 34 (2), 2021, 31 - 47
New media tools and the corresponding digital networks have begun to take part in the centre of our daily lives, thereby caused a practice of everyday life in digital space. In Twitter, a network in which users are involved through the machines, the concepts such as life, time, space, rhythm have developed. This study focuses on the constitution of everyday life in digital space. Twitter is a digital space that users do their everyday life practices in this network and are involved in through the machines. A sample of 10 Turkish users was selected with social network analysis to discover everyday life practices in this digital space. The content produced by this sample was observed employing digital ethnography and analysed by the sociology of everyday life. It is observed that Twitter creates its own rhythm. Observations show in Twitter that tactics have been produced, and strategies have been tried to be turned down with these tactics and acted rhythmic practices as forms of production and consumption in everyday life. People tend to follow similar others on Twitter, and accordingly, content is being produced for an imaginary community.

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