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dc.creatorSuárez-Carballo, F. (Fernando)-
dc.creatorMartín-Sanromán, J.R. (Juan Ramón)-
dc.creatorMartins, N. (Nuno)-
dc.identifier.citationSuárez-Carballo, F. (Fernando); Martín-Sanromán, J.R. (Juan Ramón); Martins, N. (Nuno). "An analysis of feminist graphics published on Instagram by Spanish female professionals on the subject of International Women’s Day (2019-2020)". Communication & Society. 34 (2), 2021, 351 - 367es
dc.description.abstractThe present scene, defined as it is by the undisputed prominence of imagery and the power of social media acting as tools for political activism and public interaction, is strongly influenced by Instagram. This is a platform with a predominantly graphic format where imagery, as a means of visual communication, acquires a special significance. In the 21<sup>st</sup> century, the term cyberfeminism has become synonymous with that part of feminist philosophy focusing on new technologies, the internet and the digital world generally. The present study analyses images created by Spanish professional female illustrators for International Women’s Day (March 8<sup>th</sup>), which were published on Instagram in 2019 and 2020. It will focus primarily on three kinds of imagery: plastic, linguistic and iconic. By mainly analyzing content and a sample of 124 artworks developed during this period, this study goes on to highlight the significance of the color violet. This is the plastic resource that stands out most from a very stylistically heterogeneous set of graphics. Complementing imagery is the important role of linguistics with frequent repetition of iconic references and a preference for representation of women. This last aspect is mainly with reference to their strength and security, in addition to an inclination for concepts linked to the need for vindication, sorority and empowerment.en_US
dc.publisherServicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Navarraes_ES
dc.titleAn analysis of feminist graphics published on Instagram by Spanish female professionals on the subject of International Women’s Day (2019-2020)en_US
dadun.citation.publicationNameCommunication & Society-

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