A further study of the kinetics of recrystallization and grain growth of cold rolled TWIP steel
Activation energy
Cold rolled
Grain growth
Grain growth exponent
Isothermal annealing treatments
Static recrystallization
TWIP stee
Acero TWIP
Crecimiento de grano
Energía de activación
Exponente de crecimiento de grano
Laminado en frío
Recristalización estática
Tratamientos de recocido isotermos
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Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
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Cuevas, F. (Fernando) de las; Aguilar, C. (Claudio); Gil-Sevillano, J. (Javier). "A further study of the kinetics of recrystallization and grain growth of cold rolled TWIP steel". Revista de metalurgia. 54 (4), 2018,
Over last decades, the twinning - induced plasticity Fe-Mn-C (TWIP) steels have been the focus on huge amount of research works due to their prominent strength – ductility compounding which develops from the occurrence of extended mechanical twinning during plastic deformation under mechanical loads (Grässel and Frommeyer, 1998; Frommeyer et al., 2000; Cornette et al., 2005; Scott et al., 2006; Bouaziz et al., 2008; Hamada et al., 2010; Bouaziz et al., 2011; De Cooman et al., 2011; Galán et al., 2012; Gil Sevillano and De las Cuevas, 2012; Chen et al., 2013; De las Cuevas et al., 2014; Ghasri-Khouzani and McDermid, 2015; Pierce et al., 2015; De las Cuevas and Gil Sevillano, 2017). In TWIP steels, the fully austenitic microstructure can be retained by means of high level alloying with elements such as Mn, Al and Si. Al and Si are mainly used to adjust the magnitude of the stacking fault energy, gSFE, of austenite (Frommeyer et al., 2000). Furthermore, they also strengthen the steel by solid solution hardening and stabilize austenite owing to their ability of slowing down the precipitation of carbides, especially cementite, leaving more carbon available for the enrichment of austenite (Leslie and Rauch, 1978).

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