COVID-XNet: A Custom Deep Learning System to Diagnose and Locate COVID-19 in Chest X-ray Images
Deep learning
Convolutional neural networks
Medical image analysis
Computer-aided diagnosis
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Duran-Lopez, L. (Lourdes); Dominguez-Morales, J.P. (Juan Pedro); Corral-Jaime, J. (Jesús); et al. "COVID-XNet: A Custom Deep Learning System to Diagnose and Locate COVID-19 in Chest X-ray Images". Applied Sciences. 10 (16), 2020,5683
The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has changed the world as we know it. An early diagnosis is crucial in order to prevent new outbreaks and control its rapid spread. Medical imaging techniques, such as X-ray or chest computed tomography, are commonly used for this purpose due to their reliability for COVID-19 diagnosis. Computer-aided diagnosis systems could play an essential role in aiding radiologists in the screening process. In this work, a novel Deep Learning-based system, called COVID-XNet, is presented for COVID-19 diagnosis in chest X-ray images. The proposed system performs a set of preprocessing algorithms to the input images for variability reduction and contrast enhancement, which are then fed to a custom Convolutional Neural Network in order to extract relevant features and perform the classification between COVID-19 and normal cases. The system is trained and validated using a 5-fold cross-validation scheme, achieving an average accuracy of 94.43% and an AUC of 0.988. The output of the system can be visualized using Class Activation Maps, highlighting the main findings for COVID-19 in X-ray images. These promising results indicate that COVID-XNet could be used as a tool to aid radiologists and contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

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