Breastfeeding is associated with higher adherence to the Mediterranean diet in a Spanish population of preschoolers: the SENDO project
Mediterranean diet
Childhood obesity
Diet quality
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Olid, A. O.; Moreno-Galarraga, L. (Laura); Moreno-Villares, J. (José Manuel); et al. "Breastfeeding is associated with higher adherence to the Mediterranean diet in a Spanish population of preschoolers: the SENDO project". Nutrients. 15 (5), 2023, 1278
Objective: To assess whether breastfeeding during the first months of life is associated with adherence to the Mediterranean dietary (MedDiet) pattern in preschool children. Design: The Seguimiento del Nino para un Desarrollo & Oacute; ptimo (SENDO) project is an ongoing pediatric cohort with open recruitment, started in 2015 in Spain. Participants, recruited when they are 4 to 5 years old at their primary local health center or school, are followed annually through online questionnaires. For this study, 941 SENDO participants with full data on study variables were included. Breastfeeding history was collected retrospectively at baseline. Adherence to the Mediterranean diet was assessed with the KIDMED index (range -3 to 12). Results: After accounting for multiple sociodemographic and lifestyle confounders, including parental attitudes and knowledge about dietary recommendations for children, breastfeeding was independently associated with a higher adherence to the MedDiet. Compared with children who were never breastfed, children breastfed for >= 6 months had a one-point increase on their mean KIDMED score (Mean difference +0.93, 95%confidence interval [CI]. 0.52-1.34, p for trend <0.001). The odds ratio of high adherence to the MedDiet (KIDMED index >= 8) was 2.94 (95%CI 1.50-5.36) in children who were breastfed for at least 6 months, as compared to their peers who were never breastfeed. Children who were breastfed for less than 6 months exhibited intermediate levels of adherence (p for trend <0.01). Conclusion: Breastfeeding for 6 months or longer is associated with a higher adherence to the Mediterranean diet during the preschool years.

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