Direct patterning of periodic semiconductor nanostructures using single-pulse nanosecond laser interference
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Wang, Y.R. (Yun-Ran); Olaizola, S.M. (Santiago Miguel); Han, I.S. (Im Sik); et al. "Direct patterning of periodic semiconductor nanostructures using single-pulse nanosecond laser interference". Optics Express. 28 (22), 2020, 32529 - 32539
We demonstrate an effective method for fabricating large area periodic two-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures by means of single-pulse laser interference. Utilizing a pulsed nanosecond laser with a wavelength of 355 nm, precisely ordered square arrays of nanoholes with a periodicity of 300 nm were successfully obtained on UV photoresist and also directly via a resist-free process onto semiconductor wafers. We show improved uniformity using a beam-shaping system consisting of cylindrical lenses with which we can demonstrate highly regular arrays over hundreds of square micrometers. We propose that our novel observation of direct pattern transfer to GaAs is due to local congruent evaporation and subsequent droplet etching of the surface. The results show that single-pulse interference can provide a rapid and highly efficient route for the realization of wide-area periodic nanostructures on semiconductors and potentially on other engineering materials.

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