Design of a control and readout system for quantum computing based on superconducting qubits.
Qubit Control Electronics
Quantum Error Correction
Cryogenic amplifiers
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Servicio de Publicaciones. Universidad de Navarra
NERUSHENKO, A. "Design of a control and readout system for quantum computing based on superconducting qubits." Solar, H. (dir.).Trabajo Fin de Grado. Universidad de Navarra, 2023
This thesis will focus on the development of testbenches in Cadence Virtuoso for the verification of the readout and control of analog electronics involving transmon qubits. Taking the parameters of an existing qubit upon which the simulations will be compared to, the system will provide the resulting signals that are involved in the processes of control and readout. Custom analog models will be programmed in order to implement all the arithmetic calculations needed to run the simulations. These programs can be separated into control and readout and they will be written using Verilog-A as the programming language. For the control of the qubit two different codes will be implemented, one of them will generate Gaussian pulses and the other one will perform the relevant operations. For the readout a distinction will be made between transient and steady-state readout. The steady-state readout will consist of a single code that will output relevant values and signals based on the qubit parameters that the user inputs. The transient readout will study how the system operates in the first microseconds of the readout process and simulate how the resonator charges up before the system stabilizes. Both readout systems will simulate noisy and noiseless outputs. After validating the proper functionality of the systems the testbenches will be available for other users to validate the analog electronics designed for the readout and control of a transmon-type qubit.

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