Improved microfluidic platform for simultaneous multiple drug screening towards personalized treatment
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Mitxelena-Iribarren, O., Zabalo, J., Arana, S., & Mujika, M. (2019). Improved microfluidic platform for simultaneous multiple drug screening towards personalized treatment. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 123, 237-243.
Development of new targeted therapies is a challenge in the battle against cancer. Although a variety of treatments is currently available, there is no technique for rapidly evaluating the response of cancer patients to the drug. In this work, a microfluidic platform for the real-time simultaneous analysis of the success rate of different nanoparticle based chemotherapeutic drugs is presented. Based on a previous planar chamber and a reported sensitivity enhancing strategy, linear and cross shape microstructures were integrated into the chamber dome of the microfluidic polydimethylsiloxane and glass platform in order to provide a higher fluid mixing and treatment-cell interaction. Several methotrexate (MTX) based treatments (free MTX, MTX loaded Lecithin-PVA nanoparticles, MTX loaded Lecithin-Tween 80 nanoparticles) as well as their respective controls (cell media and both blank nanoparticles) were recirculated through the microchamber over an osteosarcoma cell monolayer. These nanovehicles reduced cell population to less than 20% (LEC-PVA nanoparticles) and 2.3% (LEC-Tween nanoparticles), demonstrating that nanoparticles are a promising target therapy for cancer treatment. Moreover, microstructured platforms demonstrated a higher efficacy in the drug-screening process: due to the liquid folding a higher amount of nanoparticles was internalized by the cells and, therefore, results were observed faster. In fact, the time required to reduce cell viability to the half was nearly a 75% faster. Furthermore, this microfluidic platform offers the capability to test up to five different drugs simultaneously, making it a powerful tool to evaluate the effect of multiple drugs and determine the most effective and personalized treatment.

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