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dc.creatorAlonso-Hernández, C. M. (Carlos Manuel)-
dc.creatorMorera-Gómez, Y. (Yasser)-
dc.creatorCartas-Aguila, H.A. (Héctor A.)-
dc.creatorGuillén-Arruebarrena, A. (Aniel)-
dc.identifier.citationAlonso-Hernández, C. M. (Carlos Manuel); Morera-Gómez, Y. (Yasser); Cartas-Aguila, H.A. (Héctor A.); et al. "Atmospheric deposition patterns of 210Pb and 7 Be in Cienfuegos, Cuba". Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. 138, 2014, 149 - 155es_ES
dc.description.abstractThe radiometric composition of bulk deposition samples, collected monthly for one year, February 2010 until January 2011, at a site located in Cienfuegos (22 030 N, 80 290 W) (Cuba), are analysed in this paper. Measurement of 7 Be and 210Pb activity concentrations were carried out in 12 bulk deposition samples. The atmospheric deposition fluxes of 7 Be and 210Pb are in the range of 13.2e132 and 1.24e8.29 Bq m2 , and their mean values are: 56.6 and 3.97 Bq m2 , respectively. The time variations of the different radionuclide have been discussed in relation with meteorological factors and the mean values have been compared to those published in recent literature from other sites located at different latitudes. The annual average flux of 210Pb and 7 Be were 47 and 700 Bq m2 y1 , respectively. Observed seasonal variations of deposition data are explained in terms of different environmental features. The atmospheric deposition fluxes of 7 Be and 210Pb were moderately well correlated with precipitation and well correlated with one another. The 210Pb/7 Be ratios in the monthly depositions samples varied in the range of 0.05 e0.10 and showed a strong correlation with the number of rainy dayses_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipThis research work was undertaken in the framework of the IAEA TC Project CUB/7/008 ‘‘Strengthening the National System for Analysis of the Risks and Vulnerability of Cuba's Coastal Zone through the Application of Nuclear and Isotopic Techniques'’. Special gratitude goes to Jones Catherine for her great help during the elaboration of the manuscript and the two anonymous reviewers for their comments and suggestions.es_ES
dc.subject7 Bees_ES
dc.subjectAtmospheric depositiones_ES
dc.titleAtmospheric deposition patterns of 210Pb and 7 Be in Cienfuegos, Cubaes_ES
dadun.citation.publicationNameJournal of Environmental Radioactivityes_ES

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