Innovation management practices, strategic adaptation, and business results: evidence from the electronics industry
Innovation management
Strategic adaptation
Business results
Technology management
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Journal of technology management & innovation group
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Sánchez, A. (Alba); Lago, A. (Alejandro); Ferràs, X. (Xavier); et al. "Innovation management practices, strategic adaptation, and business results: evidence from the electronics industry". Journal of technology management and innovation. 6 (2), 2011-06-25, 14 - 39
This research contributes to the understanding of how different practices of innovation management are related to mid- and long-term growth and profitability. Governments and regional development agencies invest relevant budgets to foster innovation in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and improve their innovation management practices to make them more competitive. Nevertheless, it is not clear what impact these practices have on a company's performance over a long period of time. We propose a model to audit and classify innovation practices and empirically test the impact of innovation practices on the firms’ long–term financial performance, using a broad sample of companies in the electronics sector. Our empirical results show that, within a regional context, companies that are similar in terms of size, position in the value chain, and ownership structure follow similar innovative practices. Furthermore, the use of a systematic approach for innovation leads to revenue growth but does not necessarily increase profit or productivity.
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