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Intracellular killing of Brucella melitensis in human macrophages with microspheres-encapsulated gentamicin
Authors: Lecaroz, M.C. (María Concepción)
Burrell, M.A. (M.A.)
Blanco-Prieto, M.J. (María José)
Gamazo, C. (Carlos)
Keywords: Microparticles
Drug delivery system
Issue Date: 26-Jun-2006
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publisher version:
ISSN: 0305-7453
Citation: Lecaroz C, Blanco-Prieto MJ, Burrell MA, Gamazo C. Intracellular killing of Brucella melitensis in human macrophages with microsphere-encapsulated gentamicin. J Antimicrob Chemother 2006 Sep;58(3):549-556.
Objectives: Treatment of human brucellosis demands antibiotic targeting into the mononuclearphagocytic system. The aim of this work was to prepare and characterize particulate carriers containing gentamicin and to study their interactions with phagocytic cells and bactericidal activity against intracellular Brucella melitensis. Methods: Different poly(lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA)polymers with free carboxylic end-group wereusedto formulate micro- and nanoparticles containing gentamicin, by a water-oil-water solvent-evaporation technique. PLGA 502H and 75:25H microparticles were selected because they showed the highest gentamicin loadings as well as good physico-chemical properties and sustained release in vitro. Results: Gentamicin-containing microspheres of both polymers were successfully phagocytosed by infected THP-1 human monocytes, and immunocytochemistry studies revealed that the antibiotic reached Brucella-specific compartments. A dose of 30 mg of encapsulated gentamicin was able to reduce intracellular Brucella infection by 2.2 log. Conclusions: Altogether, these results suggest that 502H and 75:25H microspheres are suitable carriers for gentamicin targeting inside human macrophages and thus for brucellosis treatment.
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