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Open questions about homogeneous fluid dynamos: the VKS experiments
Authors: Marie, L. (L.)
Petrelis, F. (François)
Bourgoin, M. (M.)
Burguete, J. (J.)
Chiffaudel, A. (A.)
Daviaud, F. (F.)
Fauve, S. (S.)
Odier, P. (Philippe)
Pinton, J.F. (Jean-François)
Issue Date: 2002
Citation: L. Marié, F. Pétrélis, M. Bourgoin, J. Burguete, A. Chiffaudel, F. Daviaud, S. Fauve, P. Odier, and J.F. Pinton “Open questions about homogeneous fluid dynamos: the VKS experiments”, Magnetohydrodynamics, Riga, Letonia, 38 pp 163-176, (2002).
We consider several problems that arise in the context of homogeneous fluid dynamos such as the e ect of turbulence on the dynamo threshold, the saturation level of the generated magnetic eld above the threshold and its dynamics. We compare some of our predictions with the recent experimental results of the Karlsruhe and Riga experiments. Finally, we present the VKS experiment that we have designed to answer some of the remaining open questions. We study, in particular, the response of a turbulent flow to an external magnetic eld.
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