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1998Recombinant Human Erythropoietin for the Treatment of Anemia in Children With Solid Malignant TumorsArticuloLeon, P. (Pedro); Jimenez, M. (Miguel); Barona, P. (Pascual), et al
2006Use of brachytherapy in children with cancer: the search for an uncomplicated cureArticuloMartinez-Monge, R. (Rafael); Cambeiro, M. (Mauricio); San-Julian, M. (Mikel), et al
2005Pediatric Meningosarcoma: Clinical Evolution and Genetic InstabilityArticuloLopez-de-la-Mesa, R. (R.); Sierrasesumaga, L. (Luis); Lopez-de-Cerain, A. (Adela), et al
2009Methotrexate in Pediatric Osteosarcoma: Response and Toxicity in Relation to Genetic Polymorphisms and Dihydrofolate Reductase and Reduced Folate Carrier 1 ExpressionArticuloPatiño-García, A. (Ana); Zalacain, M. (Marta); Marrodan, L. (Lucía), et al
1993Sistemas de acceso venoso central (SAVC) en pacientes pediátricos. Experiencia de seis añosArticuloTorramade, J. (J.); Hernandez-Lizoain, J.L. (Jose Luis); Benito, C. (C.), et al
1997Growth and growth hormone secretion in children with cancer treated with chemotherapyArticuloRoman, J. (Juan); Villaizan, C.J. (Carmen J.); Garcia-Foncillas, J. (Jesús), et al
2003Analysis of Polymorphisms of the Vitamin D Receptor, Estrogen Receptor, and Collagen Iα1 Genes and Their Relationship With Height in Children With Bone CancerArticuloSotillo, E. (Elena); Sierrasesumaga, L. (Luis); Azcona-San-Julian, M.C. (María Cristina), et al
2003Reduced Bone Mineralization in Adolescent Survivors of Malignant Bone Tumors: Comparison of Quantitative Ultrasound and Dual-Energy X-Ray AbsorptiometryArticuloAzcona-San-Julian, M.C. (María Cristina); Burghard, E. (Ellen); Ruza, E. (Elena), et al
2011Cortactin (CTTN) overexpression in osteosarcoma correlates with advanced stage and reduced survivalArticuloFolio, C. (Cecilia); Zalacain, M. (Marta); Zandueta, C. (Carolina), et al
1995Mutational Activation of ras Genes is Absent in Pediatric OsteosarcomaArticuloAntillon, F. (Federico); García-Delgado, M. (Marina); Villa-Elizaga, I. (Ignacio), et al
2011Effect of ABCB1 and ABCC3 Polymorphisms on Osteosarcoma Survival after Chemotherapy: A Pharmacogenetic StudyArticuloCaronia, D. (Daniela); Patiño-García, A. (Ana); Perez-Martinez, A. (Antonio), et al
1998Molecular features in a biphenotypic small cell sarcoma with neuroectodermal and muscle differentiationArticuloAlava, E. (Enrique) de; Lozano, M.D. (María Dolores); Sola, J. (Josu), et al
1998Ewing Family Tumors: Potential Prognostic Value of Reverse-Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction Detection of Minimal Residual Disease in Peripheral Blood SamplesArticuloAlava, E. (Enrique) de; Lozano, M.D. (María Dolores); Patiño-García, A. (Ana), et al
2000Nonclonal Chromosomal Aberrations Induced by Anti-Tumoral Regimens in Childhood Cancer: Relationship with Cancer-Related Genes and Fragile SitesArticuloLopez-de-la-Mesa, R. (R.); Sierrasesumaga, L. (Luis); Calasanz-Abinzano, M.J. (Maria Jose), et al
2006Effects of Benzopyrene-7,8-Diol-9,10-Epoxide (BPDE) In Vitro and of Maternal Smoking In Vivo on Micronuclei Frequencies in Fetal Cord BloodArticuloZalacain, M. (Marta); Sierrasesumaga, L. (Luis); Larrañaga, C. (Carlos), et al
1999Clinical and Molecular Features of Ewing Sarcoma in a Patient with Triple-X SyndromeArticuloPatiño-García, A. (Ana); Lopez-de-la-Mesa, R. (R.); Alava, E. (Enrique) de, et al
1997Analysis of the p16INK4 and TP53 Tumor Suppressor Genes in Bone Sarcoma Pediatric PatientsArticuloPatiño-García, A. (Ana); Sierrasesumaga, L. (Luis)
1999Cost-effectiveness analysis of tropisetron vs. chlorpromazine-dexamethasone in the control of acute emesis induced by highly emetogenic chemotherapy in childrenArticuloTejedor, I. (I.); Jimenez, M. (Miguel); Sierrasesumaga, L. (Luis), et al
2004Telomerase activity and telomere length in primary and metastatic tumors from pediatric bone cancer patientsArticuloSotillo, E. (Elena); Sierrasesumaga, L. (Luis); Patiño-García, A. (Ana)
15-Dec-2004Feasibility report of conservative surgery, perioperative high-dose-rate brachytherapy (PHDRB), and low-to-moderate dose external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) in pediatric sarcomasArticuloMartinez-Monge, R. (Rafael); Garran, C. (Cristina); Cambeiro, M. (Mauricio), et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 84