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High School Ranks and Admission Tests as Predictors of First Year Medical Student's Performance
Authors: Tourón, J. (Javier)
Keywords: Materias Investigacion::Educación
Issue Date: 1987
ISSN: 0748-4364
Citation: Tourón, J. (1987). "High School Ranks and Admission Tests as Predictors of First Year Medical Student's Performance". Higher Education, 16, pp.: 257-266
This article focuses on the predictive values of certain academic variables, high school ranks and admission tests, as related to grades at the end of the first year of the Licenciate in Medicine in Spain. Multiple regression equations were calculated for each first year subject. Multiple R values ranged from 0.41 to 0.61 which implies explained variance percentages of 16.5 and 37.5. The best predictor was found to be the high school grade point average in science courses, the global examination and the admission test average. The importance of taking finto account these variables in the admission process is considered. Also the inclusion of some aptitudinal variables is discussed. Finally the need to establish prediction performance tables to be used in the counselling process of admitted students is considered.
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