Influence of the feeding mechanism on deposits of square particles
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Materias Investigacion: Física
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1550-2376 (online)
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1539-3755 (print)
3. Acevedo-Escalante, M. (Manuel Francisco), Cruz-Hidalgo, R. (Raúl), Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker), Maza-Ozcoidi, D. (Diego Martín), Pagonabarraga, I. Influence of the feeding mechanism on deposits of square particles. Physical Review E87, 012202 (2013): 012202/1-012202/9
In a previous paper [Hidalgo et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 118001 (2009)] it was shown that square particles deposited in a silo tend to align with a diagonal parallel to the gravity, giving rise to a deposit with very particular properties. Here we explore, both experimentally and numerically, the effect on these properties of the filling mechanism. In particular, we modify the volume fraction of the initial configuration from which the grains are deposited. Starting from a very dilute case, increasing the volume fraction results in an enhancement of the disorder in the final deposit characterized by a decrease of the final packing fraction and a reduction of the number of particles oriented with their diagonal in the direction of gravity. However, for very high initial volume fractions, the final packing fraction increases again. This result implies that two deposits with the same final packing fraction can be obtained from very different initial conditions. The structural properties of such deposits are analyzed, revealing that, although the final volume fraction is the same, their micromechanical properties notably differ.

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