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2015Enhanced therapeutic effect using sequential administration of antigenically distinct oncolytic viruses expressing oncostatin M in a Syrian hamster orthotopic pancreatic cancer modelArticuloNistal-Villan, E. (Estanislao); Buñuales, M. (M.); Poutou, J. (Joanna), et al
2015Frequency and characteristics of familial melanoma in Spain: The FAM-GEM-1 StudyArticuloMarques-Rodas, I. (Iván); Martin-Gonzalez, M. (Manuel); Nagore, E. (Eduardo), et al
2015Could GLUT12 be a potential therapeutic target in cancer treatment? A preliminary reportArticuloPujol-Gimenez, J. (Jonai); Perez-Heredia, F. (Fátima); Idoate, M.A. (Miguel Ángel), et al
1989120 hours simultaneous infusion of cisplatin and fluorouracil in metastatic breast cancerArticuloFernandez Hidalgo, O. (Óscar); Gonzalez, F. (Fidel); Gil, A. (A.), et al
2010Diagnostic utility of snail in metaplastic breast carcinomaArticuloNassar, A. (Aziza); Sookhan, N. (Nicole); Santisteban, M. (Marta), et al
2012Identification of novel deregulated RNA metabolism-related genes in non-small cell lung cancerArticuloValles, I. (Iñaki); Pajares, M.J. (María José); Segura, V. (Víctor), et al
4-Sep-2012Immunotherapeutic synergy between anti-CD137 mAb and intratumoral administration of a cytopathic Semliki Forest virus encoding IL-12ArticuloQuetglas, J.I. (José Ignacio); Dubrot, J. (Juan); Bezunartea, J. (Jaione), et al
11-Sep-2008Identification of VEGF-regulated genes associated with increased lung metastatic potential: functional involvement of tenascin-C in tumor growth and lung metastasisArticuloCalvo, A. (Alfonso); Catena, R. (R.); Noble, M.S. (M.S.), et al
Apr-2014Analysis of surgical complications of primary tumor resection after neoadjuvant treatment in stage IV colon cancerArticuloArredondo, J. (Jorge); Martinez, P. (Patricia); Baixauli, J. (Jorge), et al
Aug-2009Immunotherapy of distant metastatic diseaseArticuloSchadendorf, D. (D.); Algarra, S.M. (S.M.); Bastholt, L. (L.), et al
Jan-2012Role of flow cytometry immunophenotyping in the diagnosis of leptomeningeal carcinomatosisArticuloSubira, D. (Dolores); Serrano, C. (Cristina); Castañon, S. (Susana), et al
2010Dose-finding study and pharmacogenomic analysis of fixed-rate infusion of gemcitabine, irinotecan and bevacizumab in pretreated metastatic colorectal cancer patientsArticuloAbajo, A. (Ana); Rodriguez, J. (Javier); Bitarte, N. (Nerea), et al
1-Apr-2009Immune-induced epithelial to mesenchymal transition in vivo generates breast cancer stem cellsArticuloSantisteban, M. (Marta); Reiman, J.M. (Jennifer M.); Asiedu, M.K. (Michael K.), et al
2014Thymidylate synthase polymorphisms in genomic DNA as clinical outcome predictors in a European population of advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients receiving pemetrexedArticuloArevalo, E. (Estefanía); Castañon, E. (Eduardo); Lopez, I. (Inés), et al
Apr-2014Tumor response assessment in locally advanced colon cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapyArticuloArredondo, J. (Jorge); Gonzalez, I. (Ignacio); Baixauli, J. (Jorge), et al
Nov-2009Patient-reported outcomes in a phase III, randomized study of sunitinib versus interferon-{alpha} as first-line systemic therapy for patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma in a European populationArticuloCastellano, D. (Daniel); Garcia-del-Muro, X. (X.); Perez-Gracia, J.L. (Jose Luis), et al
1-Sep-2011A novel mutation in BRCA1 linked to breast and ovarian cancer and a genotype-phenotype correlationArticuloSalgado, J. (Josefa); Aramendia, J.M. (J.M.); Gutierrez, C. (Cristina), et al
10-Jul-2012Identification of predictive circulating biomarkers of bevacizumab-containing regimen efficacy in pre-treated metastatic colorectal cancer patientsArticuloAbajo, A. (Ana); Boni, V. (Valentina); Lopez, I. (Inés), et al
2012Identification of colorectal cancer metastasis markers by an angiogenesis-related cytokine-antibody arrayArticuloAbajo, A. (Ana); Bitarte, N. (Nerea); Zarate, R. (Ruth), et al
2013KRAS mutational status analysis of peripheral blood isolated circulating tumor cells in metastatic colorectal patientsArticuloGutierrez, C. (Cristina); Rodriguez, J. (Javier); Patiño-García, A. (Ana), et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 85