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dc.creatorPina-Insausti, L. (Luis)-
dc.creatorApesteguia, L. (Luis)-
dc.creatorLuis, E. (Esther) de-
dc.creatorSaenz-Banuelos, J. (J.)-
dc.creatorZornoza, G. (Gerardo)-
dc.creatorDominguez-Cunchillos, F. (F.)-
dc.identifier.citationPina L, Apesteguía L, de Luis E, Sáenz Bañuelos J, Zornoza G, Domínguez Cunchillos F. Técnicas de biopsia para el diagnóstico de lesiones mamarias no palpables. An Sist Sanit Navar. 2004 Sep-Dec;27(3):345-58.es_ES
dc.description.abstractFacing a non-palpable mammary lesion requiring a diagnostic biopsy, consideration must be given to the most suitable guiding method for obtaining the latter. Three methods are employed at present: stereotaxy (basically in cases of microcalcifications), echography (above all in the nodules), and magnetic resonance (for lesions not made visible through the previous systems). The next step is to select the most suitable biopsy technique. The most classical and reliable technique is the surgical biopsy with prior marking using a metallic harpoon, but, besides its high cost, it has the drawback of being an aggressive technique for the diagnosis of a benign pathology. Numerous systems of puncture have been developed as alternatives. Puncture with a fine needle is technically simple to carry out and can provide good results in the mammary nodules, but the existence of positive and negative false results has progressively limited its use. As an alternative, the systems of biopsy with a broad needle have made it possible to obtain multiple cylinders with a high diagnostic reliability, above all in the case of mammary nodules. However, their use in microcalcifications continues to show negative false results. The arrival of systems of vacuum-assisted biopsy has made it possible to obtain cylinders of greater quality, above all in cases of microcalcifications. Finally, the systems of percutaneous resection biopsy by means of cannulas with a diameter of 22 mm make it possible to completely extract lesions of a size below that of the cannula, with a reliability similar to that of the surgical biopsy.es_ES
dc.publisherGobierno de Navarra. Departamento de Saludes_ES
dc.subjectBreast Neoplasmses_ES
dc.subjectEquipment Designes_ES
dc.titleTécnicas de biopsia para el diagnóstico de lesiones mamarias no palpableses_ES
dc.title.alternativeBiopsy techniques for the diagnosis of non-palpable mammary lesionses_ES

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