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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
4-Oct-2018Dynamics of breaking arches under a constant vibrationCapitulo de libroGuerrero-Borges, B. V. (Bruno Valdemar); Lozano, C. (Celia); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker); Montero, Á. (Ángel)
4-Oct-2018Cluster splitting in granular segregation driven by horizontal shakingCapitulo de libroMontero, Á. (Ángel); Larrea, I. (Ignacio); Lozano, C. (Celia); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker)
4-Oct-2018Clogging and unclogging of many-particle systems passing through a bottleneckCapitulo de libroZuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker); Janda, A. (Álvaro); Arevalo, R. (Roberto); Maza-Ozcoidi, D. (Diego); Montero, Á. (Ángel)
3-Oct-2018Twisting, an alternative strategy to compact granular materialsCapitulo de libroAsencio, K. (Karol); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker); Maza-Ozcoidi, D. (Diego)
3-Oct-2018Clogging of granular material in vertical pipes discharged at constant velocityCapitulo de libroLópez-Rodríguez, D. (Diego); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker); Maza-Ozcoidi, D. (Diego)
26-Sep-2018Non-spherical granular flows down inclined chutesCapitulo de libroCruz-Hidalgo, R. (Raúl); Rubio-Largo, S.M. (Sara María); Alonso-Marroquin, F. (F.); Weinhart, T. (T.)
27-Nov-2015Granular flow through an orifice: solving the free fall arch paradoxCapitulo de libroRubio-Largo, S.M. (Sara María); Janda, A. (Álvaro); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker); Maza-Ozcoidi, D. (Diego); Cruz-Hidalgo, R. (Raúl)
1-Jun-2015Aging of ECG characteristics over a five year periodCapitulo de libroBragard, J. (Jean); Palacios-Estremera, M.C. (Maria Carmen); Saenz-de-Pipaon, E. (Edurne); Elorza-Barbajero, J. (Jorge); Rua-Seoane, J.C. (Juan Carlos); Carmona-Cervelló, N. (Neus)
1-Jun-2015Huge reduction of defibrillation thresholds four electrode defibrillators. 2014Capitulo de libroSimic, A. (Ana); Cantalapiedra, I.R. (Inma R.); Elorza-Barbajero, J. (Jorge); Bragard, J. (Jean)
16-Sep-2013Velocity and density scaling at the outlet of a silo and its role in the expression of the mass flow rateCapitulo de libroMaza-Ozcoidi, D. (Diego); Janda, A. (Álvaro); Rubio-Largo, S.M. (Sara María); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker); Cruz-Hidalgo, R. (Raúl)
16-Sep-2013Silo clogging reduction by placing an obstacle above the outletCapitulo de libroMaza-Ozcoidi, D. (Diego); Arevalo, R. (Roberto); Montero, Á. (Ángel); Janda, A. (Álvaro); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker); Lozano, C. (Celia)
16-Sep-2013Scaling laws in granular flow and pedestrian flowCapitulo de libroChen, S. (Shumiao); Alonso-Marroquin, F. (F.); Busch, J.; Cruz-Hidalgo, R. (Raúl); Sathianandan, C. (C.); Ramirez-Gomez, A. (Alvaro); Mora, P. (P.)
16-Sep-2013Pipe transport in underground mining: an experimental approachCapitulo de libroJanda, A. (Álvaro); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker); Bienzobas, J.; Montero, Á. (Ángel); Maza-Ozcoidi, D. (Diego)
16-Sep-2013On the use of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for molecular dynamics simulation of spherical particlesCapitulo de libroCruz-Hidalgo, R. (Raúl); Kanzaki, T. (T.); Alonso-Marroquin, F. (F.); Luding, S. (S.)
16-Sep-2013Influence of the feeding rate on the packing properties of faceted particlesCapitulo de libroCruz-Hidalgo, R. (Raúl); Acevedo-Escalante, M. (Manuel Francisco); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker); Pagonabarraga, I. (Ignacio); Maza-Ozcoidi, D. (Diego)
16-Sep-2013Avoiding clogs: the shape of arches and their stability against vibrationsCapitulo de libroZuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker); Lumay, G. (G.); Lozano, C. (Celia); Montero, Á. (Ángel)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16