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5-May-2023Development and Validation of a Roadmap to Assist the Performance-Based Early-Stage Design Process of Adaptive Opaque FacadesArticuloJuaristi, M. (Miren); Konstantinou, T. (Thaleia); Gomez-Acebo, T. (Tomás); Monge-Barrio, A. (Aurora)
3-May-2023Building parameters that influence overheating of apartment buildings in a temperate climate in Southern EuropeArticuloArriazu-Ramos, A. (Ainhoa); Bes-Rastrollo, M. (Maira); Sánchez-Ostiz, A. (Ana); Monge-Barrio, A. (Aurora)
3-Feb-2023Pollutant emissions in livestock buildings: influence of indoor environment, rearing systems, and manure managementArticuloBrito-Andrade, L. (Leonardo) de; Martín-Gómez, C. (César); Zuazua-Ros, A. (Amaia); Ariño-Plana, A.H. (Arturo Hugo)
17-Nov-2022From Combustion Vehicle to Electric Vehicle Parking, Through a Review of Legislation and PublicationsArticuloBlanco-Muruzábal, M. (M.); Martín-Gómez, C. (César); Zuazua-Ros, A. (Amaia); Trabada-Echarri, T. (T.); Valdivieso-de-las-Heras, J. (J.); Mambrilla-Herrero, N. (Natalia)
22-Jul-2022Probabilistic load forecasting optimization for building energy models via day characterizationArticuloLucas-Segarra, E. (Eva); Ramos-Ruiz, G. (Germán); Fernández-Bandera, C. (Carlos)
21-Apr-2022Encouraging natural ventilation to improve indoor environmental conditions at schools. Case studies in the north of Spain before and during COVIDArticuloMonge-Barrio, A. (Aurora); Bes-Rastrollo, M. (Maira); Dorregaray-Oyaregui, S. (Sara); González-Martinez, P. (Purificación); Martin-Calvo, N. (Nerea); López-Hernández, D. (Dolores); Arriazu-Ramos, A. (Ainhoa); Sánchez-Ostiz, A. (Ana)
12-Apr-2022Evaluation of thermal comfort and building form attributes in different semi-outdoor environments in a high-density tropical settingArticuloGamero-Salinas, J. (Juan); Kishnani, N. (Nirmal); Monge-Barrio, A. (Aurora); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Sánchez-Ostiz, A. (Ana)
6-Apr-2022Passive cooling design strategies as adaptation measures for lowering the indoor overheating risk in tropical climatesArticuloGamero-Salinas, J. (Juan); Monge-Barrio, A. (Aurora); Kishnani, N. (Nirmal); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Sánchez-Ostiz, A. (Ana)
6-Apr-2022Multi-step building energy model calibration process based on measured dataArticuloPachano, J. (José); Fernández-Bandera, C. (Carlos)
23-Oct-2020Photovoltaic plant optimization to leverage electric self consumption by harnessing building thermal massArticuloFernández-Bandera, C. (Carlos); Pachano, J. (José); Salom, J. (Jaume); Peppas, A. (A.); Ramos-Ruiz, G. (Germán)
23-Oct-2020Empirical and comparative validation for a building energy model calibration methodologyArticuloGutiérrez-González, V. (Vicente); Ramos-Ruiz, G. (Germán); Fernández-Bandera, C. (Carlos)
23-Oct-2020EplusLauncher: An API to Perform Complex EnergyPlus Simulations in MATLAB® and C#ArticuloCampos-Gordillo, G. (Germán); Ramos-Ruiz, G. (Germán); Stauffer, Y. (Y.); Dasen, S. (S.); Fernández-Bandera, C. (Carlos)
22-Oct-2020Impact assessment for building energy models using observed vs. third-partyweather data setsArticuloLucas-Segarra, E. (Eva); Ramos-Ruiz, G. (Germán); Gutiérrez-González, V. (Vicente); Peppas, A. (A.); Fernández-Bandera, C. (Carlos)
6-May-2019Methodology for the quantification of the impact of weather forecasts in predictive simulation modelsArticuloLucas-Segarra, E. (Eva); Du, H. (Hu); Ramos-Ruiz, G. (Germán); Fernández-Bandera, C. (Carlos)
6-May-2019Model predictive control optimization via genetic algorithm using a detailed building energy modelArticuloRamos-Ruiz, G. (Germán); Lucas-Segarra, E. (Eva); Fernández-Bandera, C. (Carlos)
26-Mar-2019Potential strategies offered by animals to implement in buildings' energy performance: theory and practiceArticuloMartín-Gómez, C. (César); Zuazua-Ros, A. (Amaia); Bermejo-Busto, J. (Javier); Baquero-Martin, E. (Enrique); Miranda-Ferreiro, R. (Rafael); Sanz, C. (Cristina)
19-Dec-2017Validation of calibrated energy models: Common errorsArticuloRamos-Ruiz, G. (Germán); Fernández-Bandera, C. (Carlos)
19-Dec-2017Towards a new generation of building envelope calibrationArticuloFernández-Bandera, C. (Carlos); Ramos-Ruiz, G. (Germán)
31-Aug-2015Geographic information system software application developed by a regional emergency agencyArticuloElvira-Zalduegui, A. (Asier); Vergara-Falces, J. (Javier); Martín-Gómez, C. (César)
24-Jun-2015Development and construction of a thermoelectric active facade moduleArticuloIbáñez-Puy, M. (María); Sacristán-Fernández, J.A. (José Antonio); Martín-Gómez, C. (César); Vidaurre-Arbizu, M. (Marina)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 132