Towards a resilient community: A decision support framework for prioritizing stakeholders' interaction areas
Community resilience
Stakeholders’ interactions
Social network analysis
Delphi study
Decision support framework
Priority setting
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Elkady, S. (Sahar); Hernantes-Apezetxea, J. (Josune); Labaka-Zubieta, L. (Leire). "Towards a resilient community: A decision support framework for prioritizing stakeholders' interaction areas". Reliability Engineering & System Safety. 237, 2023, 109358
Interactions among community stakeholders act as a buffer against disasters and present a way to build community resilience. Several decision support frameworks have been proposed in the literature to improve community resilience, but none focus on interactions among stakeholders. This paper presents a decision support framework to guide decision-makers in prioritizing areas of interaction based on their mutual impact. The framework is built on three components. The first involved conducting a literature review to identify areas of interaction among community stakeholders; resulting in identifying 27 factors that reflect the various interaction areas. The second was to implement a Delphi study to capture the dependency among the different areas. The third was to prioritize the identified areas of interaction through network analysis techniques to understand the propagating impacts of a change in one area on the others. The framework was applied to Spain, utilizing data provided by Spanish resilience experts. Our findings indicate a high degree of interdependence among all areas of interaction. Decentralization of the decision-making process and effective leading capabilities of emergency organizations have been identified as top priority areas. By utilizing this framework, decision-makers can systematically enhance interactions among diverse stakeholders, creating a roadmap to improve community resilience.

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